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Ignite Interview- ‘Farewell 2 Fear’ Mike Craig talks new album “LEGACY” and More..

Ignite Music Magazines Jonathan Lee sits down and get personal with Mike Craig of Farewell 2 Fear. Jonathan was an old friend of Mikes that he had not seen in over 10 years, and the reconnect was great to see on Mike’s face.


Farewell 2 Fear (F2F) was born out of the huge black hole that mainstream rock radio left during the absence of super rock stars like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Sound Garden. Farewell 2 Fear revisits that era with big rock riffs, big choruses and big anthems for a new generation of mainstream rockers. The band has members in New Orleans, Jacksonville, FL and Lincoln.

In late summer 2012, the band met former Creed, Sevendust and Paramore Manager, Jeff Hanson. F2F was immediately signed to Hanson’s ADA promoted and distributed label, Silent Majority Group. SMG is home to Tantric, Candlebox and Framing Hanely. Under the A&R direction of Hanson the band co-wrote and produced their album, New Blood with Brett Hestla (Dark New Day/Creed).

Farewell 2 Fear’s first singles from their LP “NEW BLOOD”, “Fire” and “Diamonds” debuted on SiriusXM Octane’s playlist, both landed on the listener generated “Big-Uns” Countdown! Diamonds also landed at #1 on Amazon’s hot new rock singles and #8 on ITunes rock singles charts.  “Diamonds” also caught the ear of Howard Stern and was played in its entirety on the Howard Stern Show followed up with an interview with F2F lead singer Mike Craig. Farewell 2 Fear kicked off big with anticipated sold-out CD release shows in Orlando, Jacksonville, New Orleans and select Sevendust tour dates as well as the Welcome to Rockville Festival!

After taking a break, Farewell 2 Fear is back with a renewed energy and ready to leave their mark on the rock world with their latest EP, “LEGACY”. Co-written and produced with Brett Hestla, “LEGACY” is BIG, BOLD and BOUND to take you on a journey you wont soon forget!

The first single from LEGACY “Stand Up” is currently on radio and broke the top 100 Billboard Rock Charts in only 3 weeks of release.
For more information about F2F please visit us on Facebook or the official F2F web site and Stay tuned for updates by signing up for our mailing list.
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