Holocaust reissues “The Nightcomers” + 9 bonus tracks

April see’s the re-release of  Holocaust’s Debut LP from 1980 to CD with 9 bonus tracks added from the band’s three 12″ singles also out between 1980-1982. Quoted as one of the most important albums of the NWOBHM this is the first time the album has been available for 20 years and now with the nine bonus tracks added and a booklet packed with full lyrics and sleeve notes by main man , John Mortimer this release will be in high demand by Metal fans.

The album features  many rock anthems beloved by the HM fraternity including ‘Heavy Metal Mania’ and ‘Death Or Glory’ (both songs were also covered in later years by Gamma Ray and Six Feet Under respectively).

The Nightcomers album features the bands all original Scottish line-up and was the first release by Edinburgh based Phoenix Records , an independent Record shop turned record label to release this album and where vocalist Gary Lettice worked.

John Mortimer expanded on their independent roots recently saying:

 “The emergence of Independent Labels was one of the most significant aspects of the NWOBHM. Prior to the grass roots movements of Punk and NWOBHM , freedom of musical expression were granted or denied by the major labels whose only concern was financial profit. In those pre-internet days of of the late 70’s/early 80’s the indie labels prevented youth musical culture from being reduced to a mere line item . The material on this album was considered to be ‘ not commercially viable’ by the majors.  No doubt they would have said the same about Metallica who quote Nightcomers as one of their influences. I’m Proud of this re-release not only because of what the music represents but also because of it’s independent heritage.” 

“I’ve got HM music in my blood and I’d like to give it to you if I could ” 

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