A Story Inspired Release New Single Featuring Ryan Kirby from Fit For A King

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A Story Inspired Release New Single Featuring Ryan Kirby from Fit For A King


Buffalo-based post-hardcore band A Story Inspired has released a new single from their forthcoming EP Overcome/Overthrow. The glitchy, synth-infused metal track “Weak Willed” originally premiered with Revolver Magazine and features Fit For A King‘s Ryan Kirby on guest vocals. The song is an ode to an issue that has impacted more than one member of the band.

This track is about drug overdose and self-harm,” says guitarist Ryan Ridley. “Within the past few years, many of the guys in ASI have had good friends and loved ones pass away due to drug overdose. The heartbreaking feeling of losing those close to you because of this isn’t one that is unfamiliar to us and I’m sure to many of our fans and friends, as well. This is to any of our friends struggling with drug addiction and self-harm.

Overcome/Overthrow was produced, mixed and mastered by Andrew Baylis (Nine Shrines, Fallen Captive). In addition to Kirby, the record also features a track with Memphis May Fire‘s Matty Mullins on guest vocals. It will be available this Friday (4/28) on all digital retailers.

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About A Story Inspired:
A Story Inspired is a Post-Hardcore/Metalcore band from Buffalo, Ny which became established in February of 2015. Since ASI’s first show the band has grown rapidly after proving their dedication to their fan base, their live performance and towards making energetic and catchy music for everyone to enjoy.

A Story Inspired has performed on Van’s Warped Tour, iMatter Festival, and Souled Out, opening for acts such as Bless The Fall, Every Time I die, Sirens & Sailors, and many more. Their sophomore EP Overcome/Overthrow will be released on May 28th and features Ryan Kirby (Fit For A King) and Matty Mullins (Memphis May Fire) on guest vocals.

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