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The second time around can be exhilarating or a train wreck. With AOA, it's a great thing to listen to and we dig it.

Scott Stapp (vocals), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (guitar), John Moyer (bass), Jon Votta (guitar), and Vince Votta (drums) make up the band, Art of Anarchy. The Century Media Records artists have released a new album, The Madness, and are even finishing up their next track for video support, “Echo Of A Scream.” They are also closing up a busy month, for now, of headlining shows thru the end of April.

With the guys on tour in support of the new album, we managed to get a few minutes with John to touch base on all of the great things going on with him and the rest of the guys in the band. If you happened to see the guys live, we’d love to hear your opinions or stories from the V.I.P. experience they offered at most if not all of the shows. Head over to our Facebook or Twitter feeds and let us hear them or see the shots you tried to snag.

iGnite Music Mag: Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for iGnite Music Mag. What’s been going on with the band, Art of Anarchy, so far into the first quarter of 2017?
John Moyer: We have released our new record The Madness and are also finishing the video for our next single, “Echo Of A Scream.” Currently, we are out on our first tour consisting of a string of headlining shows.
iGnite Music Mag: Very cool. There is an album out by now, The Madness, that you mentioned a second ago. Is there any updates on it you can share with me about the record?
John Moyer: The record came out Mar 24, 2017 and has been selling well. The reviews have been amazing.
iGnite Music Mag: The music elves we employee as spies when it’s not Christmas, tell us you’re going on tour shortly. Are you going out by yourselves or are you out with someone else and how big of a vagabond’s journey will you be out for?
John Moyer: Right now the tour is just for the month of April but more dates are coming at the end of the summer going into the Fall.
iGnite Music Mag: Some albums that come out now are pretty sterile, but new and long time fans listening to your new record should get what kind of vibe would you say?
John Moyer: Hopefully we have created a record that is sonically unique with deep lyrics. I think fans will initially get hooked by the music but the lyrics will truly give fans a deeper appreciation.
iGnite Music Mag: Every band has a story of how they got together, some more interesting than others and some more real then you might think. Where does this outfit fall into the mix and how did you guys come to play together or was it just luck really?
John Moyer: The band started as a collaboration between Ron Thal and the Votta brothers. After they had a body of work they reached out to Scott Weiland and me to perform on what would become the first record which was self titled. After Scott Weiland passed we wanted to continue so we reached out to Scott Stapp. The five of us got together to see if there was some chemistry and over time we found our identity as a band and put together a new record that is much more of a band collaboration than the previous album.
iGnite Music Mag: What influence(s) would you be able hear in your style of play regardless of the genre that might have hatched it/them?
John Moyer: Although most of us come from a metal and hard rock background this is definitely a rock record. The focus of this record was making the most of each songs story and message.
iGnite Music Mag: If you were in the crowd after your set, and heard two people talking about Art of Anarchy, how would you hope the conversation might go?
John Moyer: “My new favorite band” or “I love all the songs,” something like that we hope!
iGnite Music Mag: Where did the ideas for the songs come from for the group and what’s a typical writing session for you guys like?
John Moyer: The ideas come from anywhere honestly. We all contribute initially and then Ron and I tend to take turns on taking the reigns on shaping an idea musically. Then after there are some solid music ideas happening Scott will start dialing in lyrics and melodic ideas.
iGnite Music Mag: My favorite question to ask is one that has given the iGnite Music Magazine fans some very cool stories from previous interviews. Not necessarily with this band, but if you had to recount your seminal Spinal Tap experience, what would it be if the statue of limitations is up on the details of said story, (laughing)?
John Moyer: I’m going to let a Ron Bumblefoot Thal [story] answer this one. Ron played a show in Brazil in 2011 with Guns N’ Roses. It was a very rainy show where everything was wet. Ron saw a fan on the front row wearing a storm trooper helmet so he thought it would be a good idea to put it on at the beginning of the set. Because of the wetness and cold when he put it on it stuck to his face and then started fogging up inside. Ron was effectively blind starting the solo to “Welcome to the Jungle.” He had to stop playing and remove the helmet. To this day he still gets messages from angry Brazilian fans saying he ruined their lives!
iGnite Music Mag: If an adult beverage maker wanted to throw money and product at you to sponsor a tour, is there a brand of drink that would be acceptable, no questions asked?
John Moyer: Anybody!
iGnite Music Mag: Last but not least, with festival season right around the corner, what fest or tour would be a perfect fit for you as a band to play?
John Moyer: Also any festival!

Art Of Anarchy – “The Madness”

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