Earthists. Premiere New Video 1CP3ON

If you haven’t learned the name Earthists., this is a band you’ll want to get to know. They’ve been consistently playing shows in Japan and catching the attention of big name international touring acts. The band stands out with their combination of meaningful lyrics, incredible stage presence and musicianship. These elements are showcased in the new live video for “Dreamscape”.
     unnamedDespite the language barriers, one might think there’s a loss in translation, however the lyrics really do explain who the band is and what’s important to them as they sing, ‘We live on this planet, Forever will we. Don’t destroy the only place to stay, There cannot be us anymore once it’s broken’. When Tragic Hero Records discussed the lyrics with Earthists, the band explained the concept of, “What is done cannot be undone.” Pretending not to see destruction of the earth needs to be changed, and Earthists strongly emphasizes how we, ourselves, should be that change. Additionally, the lyrics describe the idea that, “We have no choice where we are born.” However, we can truly start to  live our lives once we choose exactly how we want to live them.     Earthists. debut album is available now at Merchbucket and Merchnow.

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