Live Review- Geoff Tate, Building an Acoustic Empire

If you are a Queensryche fan then you know that Geoff Tate is the voice of Queensryche. When you hear Queensryche, you hear Geoff, and then you hear the music. It was even more prevalent on this acoustic run called “Geoff Tate- The Whole Story “Ryche” Acoustic Tour 2017” that came to a small, dark intimate setting at Jack Rabbits in Jacksonville. Jack Rabbits is known for bringing in top notch acts and this night was no exceptions.

This night was going to be a “roller coaster of a ride”, as Geoff stated, through the 35 years of Geoff reign as lead singer of Queensryche and his new band Operation Mind Crime. It started out with Tate rolling up on stage as the band started “Walk In The Shadow” and rolled through “Another Rainy Night”, both Queensryche song. Geoff would stop in between songs, chatted about how some of the songs that came about that were very interesting and fun to hear.

Tate was great at telling these stories and really made the night Special. He went on to tell a stories about when first starting out before they hit it big, The first album was out and wasn’t doing well, so they had to tour to get people to hear them, and get them to buy album, they toured for over a year all across the world and the album wasn’t selling.It was not till a big whig at MTV listen to the album and told them to make a video that the band and the album would skyrocket into fame. The band launched into many favorites like ” Eyes Of A Stranger” and ” I Don’t Beleive in Love”

The night was filled with many fond memories of the 80’s and 90’s of great Queensryche songs. Memories for his fans and memories for him as well. it really looked like Geoff was having a great time weaving through songs that the crowd would sing along with him and the band.

Remaining Dates:

30 – The Calico Room in Wilmington, NC
1 – The Blind Tiger in Greensboro, NC
2  – The Windjammer in Isle of Palms, SC
4 – The Grey Eagle in Asheville, NC
5 – Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC
6 – Fletcher Theater in Raleigh, NC
7 – Shaka’s in Virginia Beach, VA
8 – The Beacon Theatre in Hopewell, VA
9 – Tellus 360 in Lancaster, PA
12 – Saile Multi in Quebec, Canada
14 – Brass Monkey Bar in Ottawa, Canada
15 – Rockpile West in Toronto, Canada


Set List:

Walk in the Shadows – Taken from Queensrÿche’s ‘Rage for Order’
Another Rainy Night (Without You) from ‘Empire’
Some People Fly – from ‘Hear in the Now Frontier’
Jet City Woman – from ‘Empire’
Chasing Blue Sky – from ‘Hear in the Now Frontier’
Bridge – from ‘Promised Land’
Until There Was You – from ‘Q2K’
Out of Mind – from ‘Promised Land’
Silent Lucidity – from ‘Empire’
The Fight – from Operation Mindcrime’s album ‘Resurrection’ 
Blood – from ‘Tribe’ 
Take Hold of the Flame – from ‘The Warning’ 
The Lady Wore Black – from ‘Queensrÿche EP’
Hundred Mile Stare – from ‘American Soldier’
I Don’t Believe in Love – from ‘Operation Mindcrime’
Eyes of a Stranger – from ‘Operation Mindcrime’

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