Ignite Live Review- The dynamic and unique band Kolars.

The dynamic and unique band Kolars featuring Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown (who are not brother and sister) but actually married for 3 years played the stage at Jacksonville’s Jack Rabbit’s Thursday, February 23rd, 2017. The duo from Los Angeles features a punk rock disco, Elvis type sound.

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Rob plays guitar and vocals while Lauren a former tap dancer and student at NYU actually plays drums with her hands and feet, laced with tap shoes. The Chemistry and sound between these two are both entertaining and well just plain fun. They featured the song “One more thrill” which makes you ponder that one experience everyone has a dream to get in before they are gone. I would highly recommend a Kolars show as one of those opportunities to not miss if you see they are on their the way to your town,  check it out!!

Review/ Photos By Angela Christine

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