Ignite News- Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy Streaming Full EP ‘Mixed Messages’


Out now as of February 10th, Toronto, ON’s Adrian Pain & The Dead Sexy unleash their new EP ‘Mixed Messages’ to continue their solid chemistry of an ‘Allcore’ metal sound with emotionally stirring and socially conscious lyrics.

“We like to call what we do ‘Allcore’ … To break it down as far as metal sub-genres go, I think what best describes us would be a blend of Progressive & Nu-metal, with Post-Hardcore & Metalcore …or NuMetalcore if you’d like!” says vocalist Adrian Pain.

‘Mixed Messages’ is a marriage of Adrian Pain’s solo endeavours and The Dead Sexy’s band work to follow EPs ‘Picture Day At Night School’ (2014) and their debut ‘The First One Is Free’ (2013) along with Pain’s solo full length ‘Love Letters & Suicide Notes’ (2012). 

Pain describes ‘Mixed Messages’:

“This release is like the gateway drug to metal and heavier music in general! We appeal to a very wide range of musical tastes so guys can play us for their girlfriends, and girls can play us for the guys. If you identify another way, you can play us for whomever you’d like.  If any negative response comes out of it, it’ll be the fans that expect every song to get heavier with each effort. What I hope they notice is the constant evolution of our sound. The music itself is getting more and more diverse and progressive, while the song structures are also evolving into bigger, more complex arrangements. I want everyone that listens to this record to feel an emotional connection. I want people to relate to, and hear the MESSAGE in each track.”

A full stream of ‘Mixed Messages’ can be heard at the following link: https://soundcloud.com/user-772494263/sets/mixed-messages 


‘Say It Like You Mean It’ featuring Rachel Gosling – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9CYFHNJeBQ

‘In Time’ at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlyuaxLFc5o

Mixed Messages’ is now available via All-Core Records on iTunes, AmazonSpotify and all major online retailers .

Show Dates:
Feb 10 – Gravity Lounge – Oshawa, ON – info

In Time (4:22)
Mixed Messages (5:59)
Say It Like You Mean It (4:13)
Day One (5:15)
Somewhere Out There (4:25)
EP Length: 24:15
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