Album Review – Shallow Side lets us know that good old Rock n’ Roll is alive and kicking with ‘One’- Out Now!

mayhem-music-magazine-shallow-side-12-600x600Alabama-bred rockers Shallow Side is letting people know that good old Rock n’ Roll is still alive with a new 6 track EP ‘One’ that dropped on Jan. 13th with a release party in their home state in Birmingham, Al.

They already have a few singles out already from the EP that you may have already heard on the internet or radio, one being ‘Renegade‘ (their Styx cover), they really knocked this one out of the park. Even getting Tommy Shaw’s stamp of approval “I’m impressed by these guys.  Good arrangement, good performance, good video,” said Shaw of the cover. I would have to agree with Tommy that the song is true to the original but they also put a great Shallow Side flavor to it. Another single off the EP is ‘Rebel‘, This is one mean dirt kicking hell-raising song if I have even heard one, it gets down and not just dirty, but down south dirty. With grungy crunchy guitars and drums that just want to make you pound on something.

The band –Eric Boatright (Vocals), Cody Hampton (Bass/Guitar), Seth Trimble (Guitar/Keyboard), Heath Fields (Drums)– really bring the country rock vibe they are wanting to bring across and they own it. Eric’s vocals are insanely good and he really does bring it hard and often, his range is out of this world on all the track but most notable on ‘We Roll‘, Which I am going to guess has a little about the Alabama Roll Tide of “crimson and white”. Eric really belts this tune out and bring home the sound of the southern rock, along with the band that hits a home run with the music.

Fight Or Flight‘ is going to be the next single to hit the airwaves and is sure to be a big hit. It is one of the songs off the EP that get the blood flowing and the energy sparking Cory and Seth really step up and bring bass/guitar sound to the next level, as well in ‘Can You Hear Me‘ has a little different feel from the rest of the songs, but in a good way that gives you a break and a taste of what other type songs the band can do.’Start a fire‘ has a more southern groove feel to the tune that brings the record to full circle, it takes you off the high of ‘fight or flight’ and brings you down to earth with a groove that will stick in your head the rest of the day.

Shallow Side is creating music that blends classic rock with modern crunch rock that is needed for radio play, the songs have catchy hooks, strong guitar riffs, sing-along anthems, and vocals that are filled with actual singing that we can understand, and that is what we need more of in my opinion.’One’ I think will be the “one” that will put Shallow Side on the rock n’ rock map and we look forward to the full-length album that is scheduled for 2017.


MUSIC VIDEOS (2016- Renegade)  (2016 – Rebel) (2014 – Stand Up)  (2014 – My Addiction)  (2012 – Try To Fight It)

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