Ignite Interview- Vista..A Trio that puts the ‘A’ in Anthem Rock, with the release of ‘Henchmen’ out now !

After the release of their debut EP, “VERSUS,” in May 2016, Vista embarked on a 5 month-long press campaign, picking up features from media outlets.VISTA continued to spread their infectious energy through a dynamic live set, playing their most recent show at Webster Hall in New York City.

Hoping to cement the band as a punchy anthemic trio, the band set out to write and record ‘Henchmen’ their latest offering as a powerhouse single, written collectively by all 3 members (Hope Vista – Lead vocals,Greg Almeida – Guitar,Matthew Vlossak – Drums)

We caught up with Hope, Greg and Matt to ask them a few questions about the band and to tell us a little about ‘ Henchmen’.


Photo Credit – Holly Turner


When  we asked Hope how VISTA came to be a band she replied ” VISTA came to be as the next step naturally from the solo stuff I’d been. I didn’t feel challenged working on my own anymore and I wanted to get the input of opposing creative minds, hear other ideas. I wanted that challenge back”, and from what we have heard so for with the  last EP ‘Versus’ , that came out in 2016, and the new some ‘Henchmen’ it sounds like she has done just that.

Hope stated she learned a lot with recording ‘VERSUS’ saying ” I think writing to kind of create a sub-genre was sick. It took a lotttt of exploration and critical listening, learning how to describe exactly what was wanted. I liked the learning process of that a ton.She went on to say ” I think working on a timeline was probably the toughest thing to work with. The 4 songs on that EP were the only ones written for it! There had been a couple other ideas floating around, one song that was half-written got scrapped. But the 4 tracks on there were it! when asked, What we the most difficult park of recording the EP and how they picked the tracks to be on it.

‘Henchmen’ is the new single that just dropped on middle of January, It has a great anthem tone to it, the lyric by Hope are spot on and Greg and Matt really fill in with the music well with pounding drums and riffs that you just want to hear again.”Henchmen is a tune written from the voice of a person who is oppressed in today’s society. There are many things that can contribute to that oppression in this world, how we all view it can be different. But, we wanted to unite those folks who feel this way due to something in an anthem-type song” states Greg, and you can really feel that in the lyric and music. Its agreat song to get people thinking and doing what they can to help each other out.

Vista is really looking forward to doing a full length album, and we think it will be one kick ass one, and we are looking forward to it as well at Ignite. We asked when we can expect one and Greg jokingly said “Maybe 2017. Maybe 2018. Maybe 3000” and Hope concured by saying “True”. Matt gave us a little serious answer in”An EP is more of a probability first then a full length. But you never know!”

We ask the guys what is next for you ?,” Ball out and get all gold grillz like that Nelly song. Maybe put out some more music, and tour more, said Greg, and Hope jumped in with “Ridiculous, hahaha. Def a lot more shows and hopefully a tour in the Spring. Lots of Mario Kart. we can tell who are the jokester in the band. as Matt adds ” Tour, writing, meeting as many fans as possible. And kicking Hope’s ass on Rainbow Road.”

We alway like to get to know the band a little more than what we see on stage or in the club or venue. So we ask them to tell us a little more personable about themselves so we can really get to know VISTA. It appears Greg likes dogs stating ” I love dogs a lot. I play a ton of video games. I delete all my tweets because I don’t want to end up like those wacky early 2010 Nicki Minaj tweets, and I want people to see one thing from me at a time.” and Hope gave us a little instit as well with “His dogs are THE BEST. Uhhhhhhh. I love 90’s cartoons but I think my Twitter followers already know that. Uhhhhhh. I don’t like pizza! Don’t slaughter me.”

And with that, We bit the band farewell and much success in 2017 and beyond and i giant THANK YOU for their time. So, Keep an ear out for VISTA



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