Album Review – Super Snake gets ghastly and Grim with “Leap Of Love” – Out 2/14

“Super Snake is a mouthful of psychedelics washed down with ten beers while listening to Black Sabbath and the dirtier parts of Sonic Youth.”


New Jersey quintet Super Snake has recently discovered their true wheel house after dropping two independently released, warmly received EPs.  On a special journey to ensure  their recent new LP was as spellbinding and unpredictable as the journey itself, “Leap of Love” was recorded with Kevin Antreassian from the Dillinger Escape Plan in a haunted cabin in the middle-of-nowhere northern Virginia on a 150-acre-property.

As you listen to “Leap of Love”, it really takes you back to the psychedelic type music of the 70’s  but has a grungy feel to it at the same time.  Songs on the album are linked by grotesque stories of love, hence the title and frightful sound of the album. You feel as though you are transformed into a trippy Quentin Tarantino B movie.

This album has some of the biggest, grooviest, dirtiest riffs and feedback known to man. “Spirit Cave” is one track that has a haunting groove to it that just creeps you to the bone with howling echos throughout. “Sister Margaret” is a little more up beat tune that has a nice little groove to it and some down right killer riffs that just stick in your head. The groove overtones play throughout the entire album from front to back, even more so then Black Sabbath albums of the past.  The vocal feedback really gives this album the “creep factor” of the year award so far, but in a killer I want to hear more kinda way. Jerry Jones really gives this record what it needs when it needs it; he  gives it the style the music needs and makes the album what it is.  There are a few songs that bring the  Pink Floyd-ish feel to the album; songs like “Get Lost – Be Mine” and “Cecilia“, where you just sit back, open your mind and feel the music roll though your body, and nothing else matters in life. But the lyrics are another story; the lyrics are cryptic and distorted and leave a lot of room for personal interpretation.

So in all, Super Snake has created something that is special in its own right;  a dark and hypnotic album called “LEAP OF LOVE” that is something different in a great way. They put a new and grisly spin on psych type music, and I am sure you are going to think it is one down right killer album!


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