Ignite Interview- Negative Sky’s drummer Tom Fitzgibbon Sheds light on up and coming album”Placid Black”and much more….

1Negative Sky is an aggressive and thought-provoking Metal-core group, based out of Central New Jersey. Utilizing a diverse mixture of heavy groove, technicality, melody, and attitude, they make the kind of music that immediately sets them apart from their peers.Negative Sky came into existence in the Summer of 2011, with Dan Caputo (vocals) and JJ Sammataro (guitar), beginning a new chapter, one which saw bassist George Pond and drummer Tom Fitzgibbon completing the quartet.

The initial focus of the band was to captivate a live audience.

In 2013, the guys began work on new material. After demo-ing a large number of songs that had come together, the band settled on five songs to take into the studio, which would become their latest release an EP entitled Death of the Sun. The title track and the song “Disasteroid,” both did well with radio and the latter has become a fan favorite and pit anthem.

The first single, “The Dark Unknown,” as well as the video, will be released at the end of 2016. The success of Negative Sky has been picking up steam like a runaway freight train and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Ignite was lucky enough to get Tom on for an interview to ask him a few questions about the band and the new album.

Tom thanks for taking the time to answer a few question for Ignite Music Magazine! We appreciate it!

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- No problem. Thanks for having us.

OK, first off guys, let’s go right for the meat and potatoes..Negative Sky got together in 2011, How did that all come about?

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- Dan and JJ played together in a previous project, and George and I had our own separate bands we played in. Eventually the 4 of us came together in 2011. We already knew one another and jammed with each other at one time or another so it just made sense.

You just released a new video “The Dark Unknown” that is off your upcoming album ‘Placid Black’. Give us a little insight on the song and video?

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- The song is definitely intense and really represents what the band is about. We wanted to have a high energy video to go along with it. We worked with director Tom Monahan, and he did a great job at capturing the band’s live performances.

Tell us a little about the new album ‘Placid Black’? Give us a few of your favorites off the album and tell us why ?

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- Not sure I have a favorite but I can say that overall the record is excellent. It’s a great collection of songs that range from Metal to Hardcore to Hard Rock. We’re definitely proud of the songwriting. We feel this album has a lot to offer the listener.

Now…You guys have a distinct Metal groove that is technical with attitude, what influenced this sound?

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- I think many things influence the sound and style from our own individual influences, our equipment, and working in studio. We never sit down and say “let’s write something like this” or “let’s sound like that”. It just comes out the way it is naturally. As long as we enjoy it and it feels right, that’s what is important.

Your live shows are aggressive to say the least, was this by design or did your music just make you go the fuck off and get crazy?

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- I think we all enjoy the aggressive power of certain music, and it’s something that’s always drawn us to it. There’s such a powerful feeling when you’re at a show and see the crowd going off. And it’s 10x that feeling when it’s your show and you are on that stage providing those sounds.

You have toured with some heavy hitters like yourself, what band have you toured with would you like to tour again, and who would you like to tour with what you haven’t?

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- Many of the Hardcore shows we’ve played with bands like Biohazard, Cromags, Hatebreed, Madball are always a blast but we’ve had great memories as well playing with bands like Deftones and even recently Clutch. We feel like we fit on a bill with many different styles and the crowd response has been great. I personally would love to tour with Lamb Of God, but there’s a bunch out there that would be amazing.

On ‘Placid Black’, you decided to bring in another guitar player (Danny Puma).. what did he bring to the recording that was missing?

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- He actually came aboard after the record was finished. We wanted to bring in a second guitarist to thicken up the live sound. But he’s brought so much more than just that. Currently we’ve been doing a bit of writing and he’s already been making great contributions. We’re happy to be working with him. He’s a great player and great fit.

What is on the horizon for Negative Sky for 2017?

Tom Fitzgibbon of Negative Sky- Getting the new album ‘Placid Black’ out there. We’re looking to release it very soon. We have a lyric video in the works as well. We just launched a new website www.negativeskyband.com and of course a bunch of live shows for 2017 so be on the lookout. 

Ignite would like to thanks Tom Fitzgibbon  for giving the time to answer out questions and give us a little more insight to Negative Sky, We would also like to thank Tom George of High Road Publicity for setting up the interview.

Band Lineup:
JJ Sammataro – Guitars
Dan Caputo – Lead Vocals
George Pond – Bass
Danny Puma – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Tom Fitzgibbon – Drums

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  1. Negative Sky are TEARIN’ SH*T UP!!!! Love those guys! Music is SICK and rips the pits apart

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