Pop Evil’s ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Now’ Tour Rolls Through Orlando. Fl.

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Pop Evil has made a name for itself for being one of the best live rock show..And they did not disappoint at The House Of Blues in in Orlando on 1/13. The usual unlucky friday the 13th was one lucky night for a packed HOB.

The show starts off with a hooded masked man spray painting on some black cloth  hanging up at the back of the stage, as the crowd finds out soon after the hooded man is none other than lead singer Leigh Kakaty, unmasking , he makes his way to behind the drums and starts the show off with the rest of the the band- rhythm guitarist, Dave Grahs, bassist, Matt DiRito, lead guitarist, Nick Fuelling, and drummer, Haley Cramer- make their way to the stage to a hug rock ‘n’ roll cheer from energetic crowd.

The tour kicked off a few night earlier in Louisville, Ky a few nights earlier-promoting  songs off their fourth studio album, UP, including their latest single (and final one off the album), “If Only for Now”. They bring a few special guest Badflower and Copper Bones warming up the crowd in Orlando.The melodic post-grunge act are celebrating the 10th anniversary this year as a band said Leigh at one post in the show- Which is a hug success for them.

Pop Evil’s ‘Up’ LP- hitting #1 on Billboard’s US Independent Albums chart- has been another huge success this year,with their live show just as impressive. The band is set to have a great tour. After Badflower and Copper Bones got the crowd all hyped up, Pop Evil took to the stage, Breaking into “Trenches”, off their 2013 release, Onyx. right off the bat, ramping up the energy and sliding into fan favorites like “last man standing” and  encores that included “Torn To Pieces” and “Beautiful”, which get the crowd into a singing along with Leigh.

Check out some images from the show above and make sure you go check out the tour.


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