Ignite Album Review- As Lions are not Selfish with their Music.

promoimage2As Lions – Selfish Age ( Better Noise Records) have a mission of creating the biggest, baddest hard rock they can, and on an almost cinematic scale. And that is just what they have done with “Selfish Age“. The five piece band that came together in 2015 and have sold out shows all over london and soon around the globe have hit a homerun with this one.

Those five musicians—Austin Dickinson, guitarist and keyboardist Conor O’Keefe, guitarist Will Homer, bassist Stefan Whiting and drummer Dave Fee all dug deep with this album, and the results can be heard throughout this debut album.

Selfish Age is 11 dynamic tracks that is a study in contrasts, mixing thick, grinding riffs and rhythms with majestically sweeping strings, stately piano tinklings and a hefty dose of atmospheric electronics, all of it shot through with Dickinson’s soaring vocals and introspective lyrics.

The opening cut, the epic and evocative “Aftermath,” comes with big sound and has crushing guitars around Dickenson’s vocal and has some of the best riffs on the album.  “Deathless” comes at you with such power and has peaks and valleys that just seem to roll like thunder in driving storm. “World of Fire” throws down like no other, and makes you wanting more.

This album has everything you ever wanted ..The result is music that runs a gamut of emotions, capable of sounding beautiful and hopeful one second and angry and aggressive the next, ” Letting Go” is just one of the 11 track that put you on that roller coaster of a ride that you just do not want to get off and the band just – Let Go – on this one.

As Lions is ready to take this jungle and show it they are the king of it, And Selfish Age is going to be one stepping stone to make that happen.


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