Album Review] Unwill – ” Past Life ” out 2/10

promoimageHailing from New York, Alternative rock band Unwill has been working hard on their sound since 2015.In July of 2016, Unwill officially announced its worldwide signing with Lifeblood Inc. and Entertainment One Music. Members Jeffrey Ferguson, Ethan Keeley, Cody Weissinger, and Rocco Sylvio have really made a name for themselves in the Northeastern region and set their sites on expanding that globally with “Past Life“out 2/10.

The new album comes out swinging with track one “Doubt“, which really shows how much the band has grown, not just musically, but in song writing as well. The growth really shows in tracks like “Bitter Truth” with Roccos‘ vocals really hitting hard and coarse, then he drops some of the smooth vocals as well, which really show his diversity. His smoothness really comes through in the beginning of the song “The Way”, then he throws it into overdrive and just wails out some down right scary screams.

“Tomb”, the 4th track is going to be one of those chanting songs that the live crowds are going to love. Jeffrey Ferguson drum skills really pound on this track, and the beat is just killer. In songs like “You wanted out”, you get a little break from hard screamer vocals and can really hear some masterful guitar playing from Cody Weissinger and Ethan Keeley.

“Drifting”, “On My Way” and “Soul” has the band’s combination of aggressive riffs and melodic lines really going full force. The energy in “Past Life” and “Go”, the final track on the album, really let you into the band mindset will recording the album. The whole album shows you beneath the dark exterior of these songs, however, shows you shreds of light that you can grab onto.

Past Life” deals with themes of identity, faith, self-doubt, solipsism, regret, and the truest parts of our natures. The band really pulls off a great balanced album and one that they should be really proud of. It has everything you would want in a great album. It goes through the gantlet of hitting hard musically and vocally..but give you a break here and there for you to catch your breath.



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