[Album Review]Scattered Hamlet- Swamp Rebel Machine- Out Now !

If you are looking for a band that is one part  Lynard Skynyrd and one part Molly Hatchet.. then Scattered Hamlets is the band for you. In their just released New full length album  Swamp Rebel Machine, that come on the heels of their previous indevours an EP entitled Hillbilly Harmony and a full-length album called Skeleton Dixie, you are going to hear a southern biker rock band with a hefty dose of metal perfectly mixed in, as well as some grungy dirty metal with a little punk rock that slaps you around a little bit.

Adam Joad – Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar has the chops that make this band what it is and his vocals are great throughout,while Jake Delling Le Bas – Drums, does his part to keep the guys in check and does some solid drumming. Richard Erwin on Bass, Vocals comes in loud and clear when it is needed and hides nicely in the background when they want him there.Adam Newell – Lead Guitar, Vocals does his part nicely and does a great job of keeping it all together and pulling out some heavy riffs in places that needed them.
Johnny Crash – Hype Man well is just that Johnny Crash “The Hype Man”

Swamp Rebel Machine is going to take you back to the time when rock and roll was just that..Rocking fucking Roll that gets you stomping your feet and swinging your head from side to side to the killer tunes of southern music.

The first song on the scene is “Battle Hymn“, that bad boy is a great start to a kick as all around album from front to back. Tune that keep the heart rate up and the blood pumping fast to let you know you are still alive.”whip-poor-will” follows up “battle hymn” and is a straight up biker bar southern rock song, with some blazing guitar solos and a groove that is infectious.”Stonewall Jackson” is a fun song to listen to, it has everything you would ever want in heavy southern metal song.

With tunes like “Buckshot” are going to get you bobbing your head from side to side and tapping your foot, with great guitar riffs and that southern classic rock metal sound. “Rimfire ” is another killer tune that is going get you wanting to do some shit kicking for sure, it really get the energy pumping, but i can say that about all the song on Swamp Rebel Machine,and i think i will for that matter.

In other words..THIS IS A KICK ASS SOUTHERN FUSION METAL ALBUM, that you just have to get to appreciate.Scattered Hamlet delivers a solid album with grungy heavy southern fusion rock on Swamp Rebel Machine.

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