September Mourning @ Nighthawks in Jacksonville, FL (11/30)

September Mourning is one of those bands that when you see them you will never forget them. It is just not the music the gets you, or the costumes that sucks you in…It is the theatrical show they put on all together with the music..there is really nothing else out their like them.

Even in a small little venue call Nighthawks near downtown Jacksonville, they didn’t hold back and put on a show for the fans that came out to experience what is September Mourning.September engaged the audience repeatedly, talking and telling her story and adding to the experience of the show.The other members are Wraith and Riven on guitar, with Stitch on the drums as part of her demon ensemble. The songs that were played were from their recently released album, Volume II.September has an amazing range to her vocals and it adds so much power to the music.

The band was formed in 2010 with the premise of the story of September, a human-reaper hybrid that gives some humans a second chance at life and exchanges souls with them. September then is able to retain a part of the souls’ identity.

The band is also putting out a graphic comic book series, titled ‘A Murder of Reapers’ that was available at the merchandise table, along with the album and a clothing line.

If you get a chance go see this great show!!…You will not be disappointed.


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