[Interview] Bobaflex Shaun McCoy chats with Ignite Music Magazine about music industry & Touring !

Bobaflex are on their last leg of touring for the 2016 on the  ” Dead By Xmas Tour“, and boy has it been a busy year for these veterans for rock and rock from Virginia.. From what Shaun told me, “they have more touring dates this year then Halestorm”, so that is saying a lot to their passion and dedication to the Bobaflex fans !! and they show it on stage every time they step out there.

I had a chance to sit down with Shaun on their motor home right before their show in Jacksonville Florida, one of their 6  stops in Florida, at Jack Rabbits Live (while the rest of the band chilled and played video games in the back). Me and Shaun talked about the touring and how they like playing the small little clubs as well as the bigger festivals as well. We got into how some of the songs like ” Momma (Dont Take My Drugs Away)” and ”  A Spiders in the Dark” came about…and much,much more. We even tapped into the how the music industry as changed over the years….. See Below

These guys really bring it..even at this late stage of the year, and that was no exception this night in Jacksonville. They can out and showed the crowd they are can rock it with the best of them….and more. So if you get a chance to see these guys, you will not be disappointed i can tell you that..the energy is there and infectious..and they are a great bunch of guys.

Here is a little taste of what you can expect at the show.


Bobaflex are:

Marty McCoy – guitar / vocals
Shaun McCoy – guitar / vocals
Dave Tipple – guitar / vocals
Tommy Johnson – drums
Jymmy Tolland – bass


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