[EP Review] Heavy Tides goes light on acoustic EP ” yeah, sure “

unnamed-2Heavy Tides have been working endlessly on putting out the perfect EP ,  “Yeah , Sure”, that comes out this Friday. The EP is fronted by acoustic artist Danny Palladino.

This short 3 song EP will get you in a mellow mood to just sit back and chill. Danny has a voice that will just melt you to the core. It has a calming vibe that sucks you into Danny’s world.His acoustic playing is fantastic, “Spinning”- “Apart” and “Alright” are the name of the three song.

“Spinning” get you into the mellow grove of the EP, while “apart” has some great harmonies with a folky and is you like that ..You are going to love “alright”.

Great little EP..I would highly recommend listing to it and giving it a spin and in nice rain day with a book and a fire going.

Blue House is the solo project of Danny Palladino, a singer/songwriter who grew up listening to and idolizing the Long Island music scene. Originally started as a series of cover songs, and named after his apartment, Blue House became a serious endeavor after a couple of original songs.

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