Yellowcard gives EPIC sold out show in Hometown Jacksonville.

In front of their hometown with many friends and family-as well as die hard fans, Yellowcard played to a sold out Mavericks Live in Jacksonville Florida.This was going to be a bitter sweet show for the guys that have been touring the world almost no stop for 5 years it seem. But this is it, The Final Wold Tour for Yellowcard. The guys have decided to call it quits after this tour unfortunately. BUT we all know how these final tour things sometime end…We can only hope they they come back together at some point in time and tour again.

Ryan (lead vocals and guitars) and some of the guys have many roots still in Jacksonville, and the fans came out in droves to show the they are still loved in their hometown, and they wanted to send them out with their last show in Jacksonville with a BANG. But, Yellowcard had other things in mind and wanted to show the hometown that they are still with them and were going to show them how things are going to go down with their last show in Jax.

Ryan put it nicely ” When you go home tonight and tell all your fiends in the morning just how great the Yellowcard show was last night..You will be lying to them,..Cuz if your are able to speak after tonight, didnt have the best fucking time ever at the Yellowcard show !

Yellowcard came to this show with a purpose, to say farewell to their hometown and to give the crowd one hell of a show..and that is what they did, and more. This show was one for the books, they can out swinging for the fences the minute they hit the stage and didn’t stop for two and a half hours with 36 song set that blew the fans into oblivion. They went new school and old school…and every school in between. The guys looked like they were having the time of their lives playing song like, “Believe”, “Always Summer”, ” Holly Wood Died” and of coarse ” Ocean Avenue”, which set the crowd into a frenzy.

Ryan Key – (vocals, guitar) Sean Mackin – (violin, vocals) Ryan Mendez – (guitar, vocals) Josh Portman – (bass) played like it was the show of their lives, the energy was magical and infectious- song after song..note after note. They were giving what they had, and the crowd was taking it all in and giving it back to the guys on stage. You can almost see the energy flowing through the room.

This show is a no brainer for fans of Rock and Roll. This is a must see show !! This is the ” Final” time you may ever see Yellowcard together on stage again. And if it your first time seeing them live..You are in for one hell of a ride, Kick back and fucking enjoy it !

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The opener for Yellowcard were their good friends from Sweden , Like Torches. The came out and rocked the place as well. They had great stage presence and energy. Jonathan Kärn – (Vocals) were on point and got the crowd going ,  Daniel Kärn – (Vocals and Guitars) worked the stage like a pro and wailed on this guitar like a mad man…Zakarias Faleij -(Bass) dropped some mad bass licks and Lars Erik Thyr – (Guitars) crushed it on his axe, and trough out some amazing riffs… Jimmy Brunkvist – (Drums) kept the guys on beat and crushed the skins all night, and was even doing double duty playing on Yellowcard set as he really rock the fucking place like no other, made props to him.

Like Torches are going to be a good one to watch to see what happens, they have the skills to make it, and going out on this tour is a freaking awesome start to get them out and seem and heard…They could be well on their way to something big, So keep an I out for them !

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