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[Album Review] Red Cain-Self Titles EP Out 11/25

Red Cain, powerful, modern melodic metal project with European roots, hailing form Calgary, AB, is set to release a new self-titled EP on November 25th after a two year break. The break did not seem to slow them down any, vocalist Evgeniy Zayarny, guitarists Brendan Doll and Allan Chuley show their masterful skills in of singing and solo guitar work though out the short but fulfilling EP.

The album bring you into their world of dark and melodic lyrics that move you in and out , as well as up and down like a roller coaster .. Bassist Bassist Rogan McAndrews bring his bass pounding skills notably in “Hiraeth” track #3 of the 4 track EP right off the bat. The second track “Dead Aeon Requiem” is the darkest of the track with soft lyrics that is moody and then hits you right in the face with some heavy hitting music that blows you back in your seat, then proceeds to build to a 6+ minute long dramatic musical journey. The drummer Samuel Royce really brings the band together as a whole to make the album what is it, a storytelling vehicle of Faustian sagas and twisted orchestral landscapes.

If you are into  heavy, groove-filled instrumentals plus evocative, rich vocals then this is the album for you, this is one of those albums that you listen to over and over again to hear something new and exciting every time. It is a 4 song EP that feels like a full length album.

FREE download of their track ‘Dead Aeon Requiem’, which is available at the following link: (coming soon) | Facebook | Twitter @RedCainArmy | Bandcamp | Soundcloud





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