Album Review- Deaf Havana Swing for the fences with” All These Countless Nights”

The Dead Havanas was just about that- Dead – When lead singer, James Veck-Gilodi was very close to quitting the band before he wrote the songs that would become the completed new album ” All These Countless Nights“.

This is Deaf Havana’s most eclectic and expansive album yet. New single, ‘Trigger’ is a song that just seems like it just flowed out..James vocals are as crisp as you can get a vocal, and the music is smooth and infectious. It seem like a relationship song that most of us have had…and the mistake we had in them.The song and those that followed demanded that he and his band-mates – singing keys player Max Britton, bassist Lee Wilson, drummer Tom Ogden and Veck-Gilodi’s guitarist brother, Matthew – strike out for new sonic territory

“Sing” and “Cassiopeia” a couple of other notable songs that give you what James and the rest of the band want to convy to the loyal fans they have.You can tell the guys really reach down and dug down on these song..lyrically and musically and emotionally..Bringing you music that you just want to listen to all day long.

The end result, Veck-Gilodi declares, is Deaf Havana’s most eclectic album yet. Having cleared house internally in the months leading up to recording of ‘All These Countless Nights’, taking on new management and signing to a new record label (So Recordings), the band are already benefitting from the “new energy” that brings. They’re communicating better with each other, they’re involved in every aspect of the band’s affairs, and they’re ready for whatever the world of rock wants to throw at them…

We were just given three song from the album to listen to, but from what we heard , we want to hear more…..But you will have to wait tell 1/27 to get the full album, and we would high recommend that you do.

unnamed‘All These Countless Nights’ Tracklisting
1) Ashes, Ashes
2) Trigger
3) L.O.V.E
4) Happiness
5) Fever
6) Like a Ghost
7) Pretty Low
8) England
9) Seattle
10) St. Paul’s
11) Sing
12) Pensacola, 2013


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