Josh Ritter takes Ponte Vedra Concert Hall on a Journey

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If you plan on going to see one of Josh Ritter‘s show, get ready for a night full of music and lyrics that take you on a journey.

From the beginning, you watch his opening act, Mark Erelli jump right over from his act to being back up in for Josh Ritter. Erelli gives a stellar performance and pulls the audience right in to prepare for the show, especially with a song filled with such powerful words, “by degrees”

As Ritter walks on stage, you can tell immediately he feels the music in his soul, and every word rolls off his tongue leaving you hanging and wanting more. There’s something to be said about a person who keeps their eyes closed each time they sing, and I couldn’t help but notice that with Ritter, it makes you feel connected, it had its way of moving  me immensely. Then he crosses over to sounds that feel like you’re hearing Johnny cash instruments and feel good nostalgia comes over you with songs like “cry softly”. Switching up to the next song, you might feel like you’re in some little bar off a beaten road in Louisiana only to hear a song called “Henrietta Indiana” with faster pace and lyrics such as He had a devil in his eye, eye”, “Like a thorn in the paw”, “Disregard for the law”, “Disappointment to the Lord on high

To round up the journey of Ritter’s show, you hear a song that was my favorite tune by far, “a certain light”. It’s the kind of feel good song you can hear In a movie where in the end, the guy finally gets the girl of his dreams. Yes, I love a good chick flick with a feel good song, but it’s not your cheesy version kind, it’s the kind in an indie film with a Story for all to follow, a kind of journey If you must. Mr. Ritter, thank you for letting me hear yours….your pain, sadness, great love, and happiness shines through in each song, and I’m now forever a fan of yours.


Photos and Review By Cindy Marshall


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