Ghost Blesses Florida Theatre

Ghost blessed those at the Florida Theater Friday night with their spectacular Popestar tour.  From the onset of the playing of Miserere Mei, Deus, the stage was set for the introduction of the anti-pope, Papa Emeritus, who opened the set with Square Hammer.  Ghost does not just sing and play music, they create an aura; a complete immersion into the world they create.  The vestments worn by Papa Emeritus, the face masks worn by the Nameless Ghouls, the beautiful stained glass backdrops reminiscent of church windows, the choreographed movements, and of course the music all meld into an entrancing world of their creation.  Songs such as Con Clavi Con Dio, Absolution, From the Pinnacle to the Pit showcase their hard hitting heavy metal/hard rock sound while Devil Church/Cirice showcase some incredible guitar work and organ playing.  Even the gregorian chant like sounds of Year Zero add to the experience they create in each and every song, while He Is highlights some absolutely haunting melodies and harmonies.  Running throughout all their music however is the solid base of truly talented, professional musicians who excel at their craft.

Part of the mystique of Ghost in the group’s total anonymity  – no names, no faces and thus no focus on individuals – just total focus on amazing music.  However, I must admit to wanting to solve the mystery of Papa Emeritus – theatrical musician?  operatic star?  one time priest?  Perhaps I will never know, but I do know I will continue to listen to and enjoy their music, and thank them for blessing us with the music and reality they have created.

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