Slayer, Anthrax and Death Angel the show of a lifetime !!

It was a nice quit Tuesday night on 9/27 at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida at 6pm , but it was soon to take a 360 head banging change at The Hard Rock Live just inside the Universal Theme Park. Why you ask?..Because in just over an hour from then..SLAYER, ANTHRAX and DEATH ANGEL were set to blow the roof off the Hard Rock with Thrashing Metal music that your mom told you was the devils music and never to listen to it….But you did anyway.

The show ended up SELLING OUT !! To a not so happy few that decided to wait tell the last-minute to get their tickets, they would have to wait outside to hear the raging music and thrashing . The show, with these three bands that have stood the test of time for over 30 years in the metal  / Thrash music world, came to play the music they love to play for their die-hard metal and thrasher fans.

Death Angel Photo Gallery Here

The Venue would slowly fill up with black clad wearing old fans wearing their favorite Slayer-Anthrax or Death Angel shirt that they dusted off that was stuck in the bottom draw of the dresser or the back of the closet – some had been saving just for this occasion.Then there are the new kids with long hair and new shirts showing the support of the bands they have learned to love over the years and showed that metal music is on the comeback.

The show starts off exactly at 710pm with Death Angel hitting the stage to the metal juices flowing in the already crowded floor pit, they started off the show with The Ultra-Violence to a cheering and screaming Death Angel chant from the fans. The mood of the Hard Rock change with in seconds of DA playing..the crowd would soon start to make the circle pit from hell, in the middle of the floor and go at if for the full set. Mark Osegueda,Rob Cavestany, Ted Aguilar, Will Carroll, Damien Sisson would all bring the energy like no other, They played the 30 minute set like it was going to be their last with song like Evil Priest,Claws in So Deep,Thrown to the Wolves,Left for Dead, and The Moth which Mark stop to give a toast to Cliff Burton, which he stated was the 30 anniversary of Cliff Death. It was one hell of a set by Death Angel !!


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Next up was the all mighty Anthrax, and they did not mess around with keeping the crowd on their toes moshing and banging heads as hard as they could.They started out the night with “Impaled” and worked their way through their large catalog of music like “Monster at the End” and one of the oldies but one of the most favorite of many Anthrax fans and one that really bring the mosh pit to frenzy ” Caught In a Mosh“,  from start to finish of this song, the pit is one big mass and sweaty hot moshers throwing themselves all over like a dead fish. It is one of the most exciting thing to ever see at a concert though. Anthrax never disappoints their fans and go at every song they play with all the excitement and passion they can muster up. They still rocked the fuck out the place like it was 1988. The ended their show with song of their best and most popular of which is “Indians”. This song just cries best metal song ever !!..Anthrax always a stellar show !!

Slayer Gallery Here

Slayer Photo Gallery Here

The headlining band was none other than the Thrasher of the World- Slayer-. Slayer came out swinging for the fences with “Delusions of Saviour”- that got The Hard Rock moshing like I have ever seen it. The place was packed floor to ceiling with headbangers and metalheads of all shapes and sizes standing and raising their fists and banging their heads to “Fight Tell Death” and ” Seasons of the Abyss”. Tom Araya, Kerry King, Jeff Hanneman, and  Paul Bostaph just went from one slayer hit to another with little time for the crowd to take a breath from the screaming guitar playing of Kerry and Jeff. Tom did stop for a second to ask the crowd if their were still with them, the result was the whole place erupting with cheering and chanting for a full few minutes as tom just stood there and soaked it in with amazement with a giant smile on his face. I guess he took the cheering as a yes that they were still with them and wanted more…and he obliged with hard-hitting tunes like ” Hell Awaits” and “Raining Blood” and the end of all Slayer songs ” Angel of Death” which brought the Hard Rock to its knees for the night to say- No More !…

The Hard Rock Live will never be the same after this show, It is one of the HEAVIEST show it has ever seen i believe it will ever see. It was one for the record books for how loud and insane this show was. I wouldn’t doubt there are still may fans ears ringing, along with a ton of aching muscles as well. Even with some fans wondering what the hell happen to them last night…and i would tell them ..ONE OF THE BEST METAL SHOWS EVER!…That is what happened.

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