Album Review] Into The Fire Self Title EP

American hard rock band INTO THE FIRE was conceived in 2013 by vocalist Bryan Scott (The Union Underground, Cult To Follow), bassist Tim King (SOiL) and guitarist Adam Zadel (SOiL). Long time friend Will Hunt (Evanescence) was brought in on drums soon after.

“I was sitting around with Adam one day talking about who would be great to jam with” states bassist Tim King. “I shot Bryan Scott a text message and Into The Fire was born a day later”

The First song of the track is a straight up rock and roll song ‘Spit You Out’ with a great sound and vibe. It really is a great start to a new band that i can see putting together some great music going forward. The song flows really well and has some great lyric to boot. The second track ‘From The Medicine’ is a great track as well, it really hit hard and can be one that will get them going off to the races. The band’s first video for “Spit You Out” was completed in 2016 and scheduled for release as part of the special EP bundle being released in September 2016



Bryan Scott (THE UNION UNDERGROUND): Vocals/Guitar
Tim King (SOiL): Bass
Adam Zadel (SOiL): Guitar
Will Hunt (EVANESCENCE): Drums


  1. Spit You Out
  2. From The Medicine
  3. Spit You Out ( Alternative Version)
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