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There's no knocking on your chamber door pal. This is one you'll have to go and get yourself. But, it's worth the bloody trouble, mate.

Raveneye / Shot in Camden Town, London / Rob Blackham / www.blackhamimages.com

Oli Brown, Aaron Spiers, and Adam Breeze are a rock trio from the UK that you should check out even if you’ve still not heard of them until now. With one EP already under their belt, the guys are gearing up to support their new album, NOVA, to the masses of Europe in the coming months and then hopefully with their eyes on the U.S. afterwards.

So, we managed to get Oli’s attention with some carrot sticks and a keel smoothie, and he agreed to talk to iGnite for a few minutes if we handed over the plantage without any hassles. It was a win-win for everyone. We wanted the steak anyways. Over a fine snack, we talked about the new album, how the music they make comes from the heart, and even a little something for you vinyl hipsters.

My rock and roll brethren, come with us and experience the world of an independent rock star with an accent that with make your girl go crazy and you want a pub order of fish and chips. Hit us up on our Twitter or Facebook page and let us know what you thought of the interview or even if you catch the guys live, we’d love your feedback!

iGnite Music Magazine: Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions for iGnite Music Magazine, Oli. What’s been going on with the band, RavenEye, since we had the pleasure of talking to you guys?

Oli Brown: Ahaha a lot! Its been all about NOVA for us. Weve spent most of our lives up till now being wrapped around the album release. Its been the most exciting time for this band. Our first debut album!
iGnite Music Magazine: Okay, so you had some killer news on Sept 23, 2016. What would you like to talk about in regards to NOVA, the new album? 
Oli Brown: I would just say to get the record and check it out. The album is a journey so put your phones down and just listen start to finish all the way to Eternity. It’s a heavy album and high intensity as it’s our first record, so we wanted it to be more on the edge of life rather than taking a seat back and letting people make their minds up casually. We want to be in your face. So give it a shot, even if it’s on Spotify!
iGnite Music Magazine: I hear that you guys loved working with Warren Riker so much on the EP that you brought him back for NOVA. Did he push your creativity in the right ways or was there just that great of a chemistry to offset being in New Jersey for almost a month?
Oli Brown: Hes the shit! I love Riker, weve been talking about this record for a couple years now and how we should create it. He gets the sound of the band as well as we do! Hes like the 4th member of the band. Riker brings out the human side of players rather than getting over the top with nailing everything perfectly in time and together. Thats where all that space comes from, we are all playing together but without it being perfectly in sync. I think the more you get into editing and splicing everyone to make them tighter, the smaller the sound gets.
iGnite Music Magazine: Tell me about the band’s unique writing. The rumors are that the songs on this LP takes you on a journey of defiance, pain, hate, death and, yes, love. Is this pretty spot on in your opinion? 
Oli Brown: Without a doubt. We always write close to our own personal feelings, for us it makes the song real. We want lyrics that people can connect with. So when people get the album and read the lyrics they can get inside the true meaning of each song, these are things we all go through together, and we are a band for everyone, we want everyone to have a connection with these songs.
iGnite Music Magazine: Is there that one sweet little venue that you simply have a soft spot for or has been playing all around the world sort of made them all a blur to you now?

Ravens! Thank you for taking us over 22,000 monthly listeners on Spotify in such a short time!


Posted by RavenEye on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Oli Brown: We love playing at our home town MK at a venue called MK11. Thats where we started rehearsing and the shows there are always killer!
iGnite Music Magazine: Speaking of which, do you have concrete plans at this point to hit the road to support the upcoming release?
Oli Brown: Yeah we have a full UK tour this October/November playing the album live as well as songs from the EP. We are also currently on the road through Germany, France, Austria, and the Netherlands! Good times! 
iGnite Music Magazine: What influence to your music, alive or no longer with us, would you bring on stage with you for a show just for your own enjoyment, if for no one else?
Oli Brown: [Jimi] Hendrix man, I’d want my mind to be re-arranged and I know I could watch him for a whole gig and just be lost in it. 
iGnite Music Magazine: If you were in the crowd after your set, and heard two people talking about RavenEye, how would you hope the conversation might go?
Oli Brown: (Laughing), well I’d hope they enjoyed themselves… to be fair if they made it to the end of the night that’s always a good sign. We always hang out by the merch at the end of the night so we usually get a chance to chat with everyone anyway.
iGnite Music Magazine: Are you a big vinyl guy, and even if you’re not, will fans get a treat of a NOVA pressing for their most refined ears?
Oli Brown: YES! We set up pre-orders and some of the vinyls are now out!!! We are stoked to be selling the record on vinyl. Its been a dream to have an album released on vinyl! To have it printed for this album is incredibly special. Im yet to be a vinyl collector, I have no money, nor space to store them!
iGnite Music Magazine: I have to ask, if it came down to it, which you pick a juicy hamburger and fries or fish and chips and never touch the other again?
Oli Brown: Easy one for me. Im vegan, so Ill happily avoid both, (laughing). But I used to love me a good fish and chips, so Idrop the burger in a heartbeat.
iGnite Music Magazine: You’re familiar with fellow Brit, Slash. What do you think so far about the G’n’R tour or Axl’s stint with AC/DC since there’s a great Aussie in the band with you?
Oli Brown: I think its awesome! Everyone has been gagging to see GnR come back together. Its a great resurgence for rock n roll! Ill be seeing it when I get the chance! Axl is sounding killer! 
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