[Album Review]Celeb Car Crash- ‘People Are The Best Show’ let it all hang out!

ccc_3Celeb Car Crash….Hmmmm Never head of them i say to myself.But after i give the new album a listing to, I tell myself, -Why the hell haven’t i heard of them. These guys fucking Rock !!

This band is out of Italy,who are Nicola Briganti – voice & guitars Carlo Alberto Morini – guitars & backin’ vocals Michelangelo Naldini – drums Simone Benati – bass guitar and were masterfully put together in 2012, but you would never known it- You would have thought they were reincarnated from the all mighty grunge area.

I pressed the play button on the first track ‘Let me In’ of the People Are The Best Show and I was hooked ,I had to listen to the whole album from front to back and back to front. If you want a flash back to the 90 grunge rock, you are going to love this album. The album has got your rock and alternative sound injected throughout and the vocals of

If you are Foo Fighters and Nirvana lover this is the record for you.The influence is there in many of the song, it is also have their own taste as well.‘Nothing New Under The Sun’ is a real punchy tune that is Reminiscent of Kings Of Leon and something Kirt Cobain would sing or write.

If am not mistaken, the recording was done with the intent to give that 90’s feel to the music and it comes out freaking perfect. The sound of the guitars and drums are really prominent and the groove is infectious.If you are not tapping your feet to the songs like ‘ Hanging on a Rope‘ and ‘Murder Party‘ there is something wrong with you.

The band will attend some Italian festivals this summer in order to support the single and album release.

Every once in awhile a band comes out of nowhere to take a grip of a sound that is becoming more and more popular.Celeb Car Crash just has the sound that you just can stop listening to and for me, ‘People Are The Best Show‘ is going to the one that is going to break these guys out worldwide !! If you get a chance, go out and get this album..You will love me for it !

iTunes : https://itun.es/it/QdCVeb

CCC People cover

Track List
1) Let Me In
2) Because I’m Sad
3) The Whereabouts
4) Outdone
5) Hello, ‘Morning
6) Murder Party
7) January
8) Enemy’s Desire
9) Stereo (The Body of Christ)
10) Hangin’ On A Rope
11) Nothing New Under The Sun
12) Nearly In Bloom

Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Pop Evil, Shinedown, Soundgarden, etc.

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