[Album Review] “Simple” by Naked Walrus.

They are not just the NAKED WALRUS IN THE ROOM.


LA-based alt-rock band Naked Walrus has just announced the release of their forthcoming EP, titled Simple set for 11/11/16.

Simple is just that..A simple rock and roll album that gets you singing in your car or were ever you are at that time. “Now” is the first track off the album and is very catchy and has a great hook to it, with a great groove.’ Critics’ is another track that get you tapping your feet.

‘Minus’ is their current new single of the “Simple” and it getting rave reviews, The song has a great message behind it – overcoming your fears and understanding that good things take time. “The lyrics throughout address the struggle of overcoming an obstacle and making the decision to trust your gut and do what you feel is right.” said front-man Dakota Gartner.

‘Eyes’ is a little faster passed tune that has a great guitar riff and a nice heavy beat on the drums, were ‘Friction’ and ‘Light’ are a little more stripped down to get you into a more mellow grove.

Naked Walrus may be a funny name for a band., but the message of “Simple’ is clear… They are here to make great music  with a purpose behind it and they have achieved that here. They are not just the NAKED WALRUS IN THE ROOM.


Simple Front.png
Naked Walrus: Simple EP Tracklisting
1 Now
2 Critics
3 Minus
4 Eyes
5 Fiction
6 Light
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