AYAHUASCA:Stream Yin Full-Length At The Sludgelord In Advance Of Tomorrow’s Release.

yinToronto-based progressive sludge-tinged grunge misfits AYAHUASCA will release their Yin full-lengthtomorrow. In celebration of its official unveiling, The Sludgelord is offering a stream of the record in its tantalizing entirety noting, “through their channeling of dark and beguiled grunge dirges and the booming sonic intensity of doom, [they] conjure a sound that is as depressing as it is uplifting. Major tones, specifically through a vocal intonation reminiscent of the late Layne Stayley, are haunted with dread and despair, minor tones meanwhile peppered with hope. On Yin they have birthed the bastard child of two emotions to one that isn’t explicitly either, but its circus freak upbringing – its replication of some many familiar sounds pieced together in an unfamiliar way – is what makes it such an engrossing listen.”

Take in Yin at THIS LOCATION.

Yin, the result of a musical experiment conceived by guitarist and engineer Luke Roberts (aka Berserk Lout), was captured by Roberts (except drums which were recorded by Greg Dawson) and mixed and mastered by Greg Dawson at BWC Studios. In a recent investigation of the record, Last Rites crownsYin, “one of the best hard rock albums to grace my ears in recent memory. It is a multifaceted journey through countless influences that are seamlessly woven into an original and extremely refined sound by three expert musicians. It features earworming vocal melodies, tons of fun rhythmic tricks, plenty of progressive rock tendencies, and a serious knack for riffs both simple and twitchy. Point is, it’s a no-brainer for anyone that has ever had even a passing taste for grunge, sludge, or several other hard rock styles of the ’90s. ”

Yin will be available on September 9th via the band’s official BandCamp page HERE.

AYAHUASCA‘s Yin delivers twelve absorbing movements and serves as the follow-up to 2013’s critically-lauded Plato’s Dark Horse. Upon completion of what become Plato’s Dark Horse in 2013, Roberts sought out musicians who not only had the skill to handle music with complex melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic sensibilities but who could also execute it with an appreciation for the raw aggression of the ’90s bands he grew up on such as Soundgarden, The Melvins, Voivod, and Alice In Chains. Boasting a collective that’s hardly new to the Toronto music scene, AYAHUASCA features within its ranks members of The Great Collapse, The Womb, Godstopper, Vilipend, Idioteque, The Histronics, and Irn. It’s difficult to envision a band with such lush diversity and complexity coming across so coherent yet Yin is certifiable proof such a feat is attainable.

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