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Devil In Disguise By State Of Mine

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Hailing from Laingsburg, MI, State of Mine is a metal band consisting of Steven Jodway (vocals), Corey Smith (bass), Mike Martin (drums), Matt Martin (guitar), and Shawn Willett (guitar). Coming together in 2010, the band hit the local music scene on fire, playing as support for multiple national acts like Black Label Society, Adelitas Way, Saliva, Powerman 5000, Flaw, Otherwise, SOil, and 3 Years Hollow just to name a few.

 Track List

01. Curtain Call
02. Rise
03. Waste My Time
04. Stones
05. Killing Me
06. Undertow
07. Broke By Monday

“The video is a visual tale of ones feelings of dealing with regret and having to try to internalize the decision. Trying to find yourself lost in the dark” ~ Steve Jodway

The guys in State Of Mine released the official video support for “Curtain Call,” the second single off their sophomore EP, Devil In Disguise. The EP was produced by BJ Perry at Wall of Sound Studio and the video by Kyle Hopkins. Devil In Disguise drops Sep 15, 2016, but is available to pre-order via iTunes at this very moment, yes… right now, Jack!


The EP comes in at seven songs as you can see by the track listing above and ticks in at around twenty-five minutes long. We, at the iGnite Music Mag Southern Command, can’t get enough of  the fourth track on the EP,  “Stones.” It has that faster tempo that hooks you in from the very first rift, with a very Five Finger Death Punch feel to it. The dirty lyrics don’t crash over the clean, the drumming holds all of the elements of the song together in tight coordination, and the axe corp is simply playing balls out the whole cut.

We included the video for “Curtain Call” below so you could check out the guys sound for yourselves. And, if you like covers that are given your favorite band’s sound, check out the guys out and their version of Katy Perry’s “Rise.” It’s definitely worth giving a listen. And if you like a more Southern Country fried rock sound, check out “Killing Me.” You’ll thank us later.

If you liked the review, the band, or want to give us some feedback on who you want to see a piece on next, hit us up at Twitter or even Facebook. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

State Of Mine
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