[Album Review] Crobot- Welcome To Fat City – Out 9/23

CrobotWell, To describe the band Crobot in one word is pretty much impossible, they are funky,rocky, with a hint of down right dirty blues and just fucking bad ass !!! And their New album 'Welcome To Fat City' really does bring out all that and more !

‘Welcome To Fat City’, the Pennsylvanian quartet lays down nasty Southern tunes mixed with plenty of 70’s inspired chunky guitars. From the first couple of cords you begin to feel like you had been sent back in a time machine where funk and rock smashed together like a fat kids face eating a cupcake. You slowly take a trip down memory lane where bell bottoms and psychedelic were king. This whole album is one of those that you can just sit back ,.. enjoy a fatty and groove to for a few hours. Tracks like the new single ‘Not For Sale’ is a testament to the band saying, we are not for sale, we make our own destiny.

“It’s a cry to hold on to our own humanity, never letting anyone else manipulate our destiny.  Who paid your debt to be here? No one…and my soul is not for sale.” said front-man Brandon Yeagley in an interview with Noisey.

Hold on for dear Life‘ comes in at track 5 to give us a nice little break from the pounding we got from the previous tracks , it is a breath of fresh air right that the right time with a slower tempo song. The over tones of the song really comes thought great, and has a very unique plump sound to it. But the crushing riff Chris Bishop and the pounding drums and bass from brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa don’t seem to go way for to long as ‘ Temple in the Sky‘ come in with the bass blazing with the guitar and drums to follow.Mid way through the song the guys break is down and grove like a Mother F#$&er.’Right between the Eye’ does just that hit you right between the eyes..Hits you with a grunge that is as dirty as your step sister.  Brandons’ vocals are so good they just seem to intertwine in the music masterfully through out the album but more so on the track ‘Moments of Truth‘. ‘Plaque of the Mommoth‘ is the last track the get you back to the hard hitting funkadelic groove, it brings us full circle from the first track ‘Welcome to Fat City’ that got us to the hard hitting sounds.

If ‘Welcome to Fat City’ is any indication of where Crobot are heading musically, we are in for one hell of a treat. It brings their music to the next level, and I hope they keep climbing that ladder to the Top !!

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Welcome To Fat City track listing:

  1. Welcome To Fat City
  2. Play It Cool
  3. Easy Money
  4. Not For Sale
  5. Hold On For Dear Life
  6. Temple In The Sky
  7. Right Between The Eyes
  8. Blood On The Snow
  9. Steal The Show
  10. Moment Of Truth
  11. Plague Of The Mammoth

OUT 23rd September 2016


Brandon Yeagley | lead vocals, harmonica
Chris Bishop | guitars, vocals
Jake Figueroa | bass
Paul Figueroa | drums

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