[Album Review] Breaking Through is Breaking Out with New EP..” The Lessons Learn” …Out now !

Breaking Through is one song away from Breaking Out !!!

If you are from the Jacksonville Florida area and you are a local music fan you are going to know the band ” Breaking Through” and if you don’t..You and many others will know who they are !

Breaking Through is an alternative/modern rock band that started in the summer of 2011.The band consists of  Andrew Jones – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Wade Bronson – Lead Guitar, Ryan Chapman – Bass and they just release a new EP called “The Lessons Learned

The Lessons Learned comes off the heels of Breaking Through’s very successful first EP, “The Scarlet Letters” on April 7th, 2012, which but them on the map in Northeast Florida and other parts of the county.It had a few tracks the helped them to to huge stages like Welcome To Rockville and many more .

The Lessons Learned is a great title that the band is following..They are taking the lessons of life and music and learning! The new EP is a great little gem to listen to, the band is really coming together as a whole and you can really tell as you listen through the tracks. Andrew vocal are on point though out the EP. ” Already Dead” is one of the stand out track that hits you hard from the get go with a killer guitar into that slowly builds to thumping drums and sick guitar riffs though out.Wade is a monster on guitar, as he wails through the many songs like a bat out of hell, and Ryan is holding his own on bass with some killer bass  pounding notes and some sick small solos and the drums are hard and heavy.

Escape Plan” track is another stand out tune that will get you rocking !!.. It is very well balanced vocally with Andrew belting out the lyrics to perfection, and the music to back him up. All and all is one of those song that you listen to hand just want to play over and over again.

Mayday” is one of the more catchy tunes on the EP that really showcases the band ability to bring in down a notch and play a straight up great sounding song that you can sing along to in your car or at home.It just bleed sing along at a live show along with”Hey There“, which is a nice refreshing ballad that is stripped down works nicely on the EP.

Breaking Through is a fitting name for the band ..They are ” Breaking Through” and learning the lessons of how to make it big in the music industry that has changes so much over the years. If they keep on the same track as ” The Lessons Learned” they are going to make !!…I believe they are one song away from breaking through into the main stream of music, and weather that song is on this EP,, it  is yet to be determined.But I can tell you this, all the track have a great chance to do so. So go check it out Breaking Through at a venue near you and pick up The Lessons Learned EP .





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