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[International]Turkish Act Leaks “Resistance Against Mind Clouding Heresy” At No Clean Singing


Monument is the sophomore album by Turkish death metal squad, CARNOPHAGE, and advancing the album’s September release via Unique Leader Records, the band hurtles a new single into the masses early.
CARNOPHAGE‘s new “Resistance Against Mind Clouding Heresy” track comes hammering forth through an exclusive premiere at reliable metal portal No Clean Singing, the blog offering, “The song hammers like a pile-driver, and the vocals are convincingly gruesome and barbaric, but the guitar work is so intricate and inventive that the music is also capable of twisting your neurons into new configurations and setting off fireworks behind your eyes. The band also find room for tendrils of bleak, ominous melody that generate a foreboding atmosphere of inhuman threat, while keeping listeners off-balance with unpredictable changes in tempo and time signature.”
Join the “Resistance Against Mind Clouding Heresy” at THIS LOCATION.
Monument will be released September 23rd, 2016 via Unique Leader Records. The previously-issued “At The Backside Of Our Civilization” can be heard RIGHT HERE.
Preorder Monument at THIS LOCATION.
Monument was recorded by Unsal Ozata at Studio Deep (Burial Invocation, Cenotaph, Decaying Purity, Inhuman Depravity etc.), mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun Productions (Cerebral Effusion, Soils Of Fate, Epicardiectomy, Fleshbomb etc.), and comes adorned in the tormented, Baroque-era influenced cover art of Cihan Engin. Boasting an inexorable assault of jackhammering blasts, churning riffs, and inhuman death grunts, Monument is true exercise in controlled chaos and, following an eight-year dormancy, finds the band at the peak of their methodical and unapologetically diabolical ingenuity.
CARNOPHAGE was formed in early 2006 and released their debut Deformed Future/Genetic Nightmare in 2008 through Unique Leader Records. The band played numerous shows in support of the record before going on unofficial hiatus. They reunited in 2014 with an updated lineup of bassist Bengi Öztürk, drummer Onur Özçelik (Black Omen), guitarists Mert Kaya and Serhat Kaya (ex Cenotaph), and vocalist Oral Akyol (Cidesphere) and are ready to rumble infrastructures globally with the subterranean sounds of Monument.
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