Metallica hits it hard with new song ” Hardwired”NEW album out 11/18

Metallica has done it again…In your face hard as hell don’t give a fuck if you like it our not “Hardwired” video Premiere !

Of the new album “Hardwired …To self -destruct” out November 18th.

This has all the elements of all the albums with a fucking killer Metallica sound that makes Metallica, Metallica!.If this isn’t “Metal Up Your Ass” and don’t know what is !!

The long awaited new music of Metallica is here!!!!…and  it hit us fucking heavy as a mother F$%^&..if you are a metal head you are going to love this shit. They really brought the heat to this one..Now we just have to wait and see if the rest of the album has the same high energy and  and insanely crushing riffs as “Hardwired”.

If this is what you are going to find in the nice little package on November 18, when the album comes out. We are going to be in a world of a good way. If Hardwired is any indication of what we have in store for “Hardwired …To Self-Destruct” we are in  a world of head banging off the walls and the world larges circle pits ever to be seen on earth at their shows.

Let break this down, Hardwired is insanely heavy, they really bring out the Thrash on this one. James vocal are on point and he really bring make this song great .. .The song has hints of old “Metal Militia” and new “That was just your life”and if you don’t like that are not a true Metallica fan.

All and all…Now this is amazing! I love how heavy it sounds, can’t wait to hear the rest! Long live Metallica. And remember that they still kickin ass after 35 years!

Let all us ‘true’ Metallica fans site back and thrash about !!





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