Ro James Take It To Jacksonville


_JRP9535By Keri Handfield and James Robinson– Freshman sensation Ro James set the mood for Maxwell’s the black SUMMERS’ NIGHT 2016 Tour.  The singer and his keyboardist and a smoke blowing front end of a 1990’s family car warmed up the stage for the tour’s main act.

This New York artist’s,  debut album, named Eldorado, after the 1992 Cadillac that his father purchased him when he was 19.  Although he has an eclectic taste in music, he connects with soul music the most and sings with great emotion his grooves were noticeably influenced by Prince and I even caught some Ginuwine melody’s and styling mixed in.  The performance started off a bit slow and was full of hurt and heartache.  Ro James told of how the age of 19 was a pivotal point in his life.  And how his first love (the loss of that love) inspired his musical journey.

After the singer took off his Ralph Lauren jacket that looked like it was borrowed from Missy Elliot’s “Super Duper Fly” video set the groove picked up and Ro James got the crowd up out of their seats with his club bangers.

The final song of his short set the singer took the crowd to Mouth Olympus and the willingly followed!  The seats were paid for but very few people were using them when the singer jumped off stage and walked through the audience.  Without missing a beat he climbed atop a barrier that is probably as old as he is and took the crowd there.  Ro James was so into his performance that he took a 4 minute song “Permission” and stretched it out to about 10 minutes but he could have doubled it and still had the lady’s swooning.

He got over his freshman nervousness and exited stage left with a smile on his face and then he had to turn around and come back to grab his glasses.  This is an artist to look out for.

Photos By James Robinson

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