Ted Nugent Brings down the House At The Florida Theater

Ted Nugent is one of those guys that just speaks his mind and doesn’t give a shit what you think about it…And that is what is so fucking cool about him !! He is all about “Freedom and America” and playing freaking Rock and Roll, and he has been doing just that for over 2o+ years.

Ted Nugent brought his guitars and “I Love America and my Freedom” kick ass attitude to The Florida Theatre in Jacksonville Florida on his  Sonic Baptizm Tour on July 20th with Special Guest The Raskins toa pretty dam close to being sold out show.

The Raskins hit the stage to warm up the already ready to rock crowd, and they slammed out killer songs right and left to the pleasure of the crowded venue. I am for sure they made some new fans within the theater by the way the audience reacted to the bands set.The bands energy was high and explosive to say the least with the lead singer Logan Raskins jumping and going crazy on stage. The Raskins are one of those bands that you just love to hear, True old school Rock and Rock  with a punk rock flare. You need to check these guys out !!

Up next was Uncle Ted himself, and he came out blazing out of the lights and fog from the stage to “The Star-Spangled Banner” to the eruptions and ear exploding applause from the crowd. The fans went crazy as Ted masterfully went though the song like no other, BUT this was just the beginning of what was going to be an epic louder than hell rock show !!…One the loudest that The Florida Theater has ever heard !

The Motor City Mad played though his huge catalog of music to the delight of fans. Ted riffed through tunes like “Gonzo” and ” Free For All”, he would then thrash out super hits like “Stormtroopin” and mixed it up in the middle with some blues with “Bo Diddly/ Jonny B Good”.

Ted did his best to keep it all about Rock N’ Roll..But he is passionate about his”Freedom” and america being the best Country in the world. He did talk a little politics and how he loves this country and the  giant RED, WHITE AND BLUE Flag behind him on the stage was just one thing that spoke volumes to just how hard-core he is about being an American.

He finished up the show just as spectacular as he started it, calling out for the best guitar riff of all time and going into “Stranglehold” as the crowd went wild and jump out of their seats to cheer and raise their fists. He ended the night with bringing out his white guitar he called “The Great White Buffalo” and stated another political statement saying ” The White Buffalo is coming this November” and raged on to start the “The Great White Buffalo / Spirit of the Wild” song.

Ted is Ted..You either love him or you dislike him, and I am sure he is fine with that, But you got to say one thing about him as a musician and entertainer…HE PUTS ON ONE HELL OF A SHOW !

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