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 Jasmine Cain ….”The Modern day ROCK Gypsy” 

Jasmine Cain (409 of 13)Jasmine Cain ,Who just announced that their latest album ” White Noise” Just got picked up by E One Entertainment/ Sony”, a hard working rock group that you just need to experience to get a feel for the energy this group pours out of the stage like hot molten lava that explodes from a volcano, AND that is just what happened at Harmonious Monk at the Beaches in Jacksonville Fl.this past Wednesday.

Jasmine Cain is the Fire that ignites the flame that gets the lava flowing on stage. The front woman and Vocalist that takes the stage and never looks back, and goes full throttle the whole time she is on stage. They play a lot of cover songs that get people up and dancing as well as some of their own stuff that is just as stellar as the covers. They played some “TOOL”..”Avenge SevenFold” and “Downing Pool” just to name a few. But I heard some killer stuff that were original that just blew me away, “Highway Prophets ” was one that really got me to really see just how good this band is, and they have a new fan in me.

The band members that backed up Jasmine are non other than  Zach Ballard, Benjamin Johnson and they make the show flow perfectly. Zach is a beast on the drums, and I will have to say, He played one of the sickest drum solos I have ever seen.The solo seemed to last for days, and he probably could have went for a few days. Ben played the guitar masterfully as well, hitting everything on point and a raging solo as well.


Nominated for 2 NIMA Awards this year and now that the polls are OPEN, we need you to go VOTE for them!! You’ll find them in Best Alternative Rock Band and Artist of the Year! Www.nimadigital.com.

You can check out their stuff here http://www.jasminecain.com/

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