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Dash|Ten Recently developing a new band, the artist is excited to move forward with Staff Sgts. Peter Greenberg and Steve Ebert. The group now goes by the name Dash|Ten is made up of active-duty U.S Army Soldiers and combat veterans. They use their music and talent to tell their incredible journey as Army members and musicians. The group is releasing new music in the coming weeks and will be one of the main acts on The Vans Warped Tour. They also were one of four acts to perform at the launch party for The Warped Tour. Please let me know your thoughts when you can!
Sgt. Corrin Campbell has been bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “working musician”. As an active-duty U.S. Army Soldier and combat veteran, Sgt. Campbell has been working two careers – one of a Soldier, and one of an independent artist. Finally the two merged and she began touring on behalf of the US Army in 2012, telling her Army story through music. 
“It’s amazing to be able to talk about what it means to be an individual with goals and aspirations, but have your character amplified by service as a Soldier. I am unique; I am still me.” says Campbell.
“The Army is a place where we can use our musical talents and skill sets to benefit a team – a incredible team of individuals who wear the same uniform and work for the same purpose: the protect the rights and life of the American people as we know it.”
Ignite have the privledge to send some questions to the band as they are out on the Vans Warped Tour for the summer, and they were gracious to answer them for us. We asked them all about the tour and what they would like see on the tour and much more !!
1. What does it mean to you and the band to be playing Vans Warped Tour this year ?

We are SO grateful. Corrin has done the tour in the past as a solo artist, but this is really our first tour as a band. Not many bands get to start out doing an amazing tour like Warped, and it’s a huge honor to be invited to it!

2. What or Who are you most excited to see on the tour this year ?

Gosh, there are SO many incredible bands out this year. Obviously, the Warped veterans like Less Than Jake, New Found Glory, Sum 41 – even Good Charlotte is coming out this year, plus getting to hear Yellowcard live every day before they say goodbye! We’re also really excited about some of the newer bands to the tour, like Palaye Royale, SYKES, Mother Feather, and With Confidence. Corrin has also toured before with a bunch of the bands, like Teenage Bottlerocket, Knuckle Puck, State Champs, and Emarosa – we love cheering on our former stage family members!

3. If you had your pick..What would be your favorite song to play on stage?..And Why?

Probably “What You Wanted”. It’s one of our hardest rocking songs, and it has great energy. We have it as our set closer, and everybody’s really into it by then; it’s just so fun to rock out with the audience to it.
4. If you would have had the chance to write any song, what song would it be? (It could be any song that has been recorded)

WOW, that’s a hard one. Probably… “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters. The song has great contrast, and the lyrics are pretty cut-throat. There’s a vulnerable angst in it that so many people can identify with, and the music is just incredible.

5. If you had anything to change in the music industry what would it be,and how would you change it if you have a chance to do it?

As an independent band that doesn’t use supporting tracks or AutoTune, we’d love to see bands really amp up their musicianship and embrace their live sound. There’s no judgement, of course, but supplemental tracks are becoming the norm more and more in the live scene because fans want to hear the record live. It takes away some of the vulnerability of music, though. Fans would have to WANT it, of course, but we’d love to see music enthusiasts really support their favorite artists exactly as they are, without the perfection.
We’d also love to see more bands embrace being independent. Obviously, labels are a huge part of what makes the music industry go ’round, and we’re not label haters or anything. But so many bands end up having to compromise their writing, their image, or the art in some way to make “marketing” sense. Again, this is fan-driven, but with as little money as artists really make off their recordings in the digital age, it’d be awesome to see more bands going the independent route and own their recordings so they can actually make money.

6. Name one group that you would want to do your farewell tour with?

Just ONE? Well, the Foo Fighters obviously rock. We love Paramore. Jimmy Eat World is amazing. BUT, if we had to pick just one, we’d probably pick Hoobastank. A lot of people aren’t really up with what they’ve been doing as much lately, but their music is incredible and the band is made up of awesome guys. They rock hard, and their more recent release, Fight or Flight, really should’ve gotten more attention than it did.
7. Name one song that you would like to be know for the most?
“Our Time Now”. It’s not on our debut album. It was a held-back single that we released right at the start of Warped Tour. But it’s really about how it’s our generation’s opportunity, responsibility even, to make this era in history great. In a time where the media has all of us, as a nation, so polarized and divided, it’s really a time for us to come together and promote love, not hate. From the tragedy in Orlando to the very scary political anger that’s out there, we have the power to demand acceptance, to abolish hate of those different from one another. We can fight the “click-bait” and demand unbiased media coverage of the issues so we can really get to the truth. We can support those different from us because we all have the right to choose, which is the whole point of being from a country that’s free and diverse. We’re very “pro-pro and anti-anti”. We’re all for being positive about what you love, but don’t be negative about what you don’t understand. And that’s what “Our Time Now” is really about.
8. What is the best thing about tour you like..and what is the worst?
Best thing is the fans. And that’s not a line, it’s true. Each new face is one we try to memorize, because anyone coming out to support us this early in our band is someone who deserves our attention and loyalty. Though we spend a lot of time online chatting with fans, seeing them in person really allows us to get to know a special few and remember them the next time we see them. Our music is a vulnerable and true expression of who we are, so if someone identifies with it, we’re on the same team.
Worst thing… just missing home. Traveling and meeting people is awesome, but sometimes it’s great to be able to go home and show love to the people who have really supported us from the start. None of us would be where we are without them.
9. Why do you think the Vans Warped Tour has been such a success over the many years it has been going on?
It’s most definitely a community. The bands, the crew and staff, the fans. We’re all out here sweating, working, surviving for the love of music. Everyone out here is putting music in front of comfort, and pulls together in the name of loving music! It’s an incredible thing to experience together and such a huge element of who we all are, whether on the stage, behind it, or off of it. There’s nowhere in the world that illustrates that as authentically as Warped Tour. We’re honored to be a part of it!
Ignite would like to thank you and your bandmates for your service first and foremost !. We would also like to thank you for answering our questions and wish you the best of luck out the tour this years.


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