6 PRONG PAW Kick Off “Damnedocracy, Devils and Dives Tour

Underground heavy metal leaders and COLDCOCK Whiskey band ambassadors 6 PRONG PAW have been making a name for themselves in the scene for nearly a decade, performing with groups such as Napalm Death, Revocation, Jason Newsted and more. Earlier this summer, the band announced their headline tour beginning today in Chicago, IL and running through July 30th in Queens, NY with a separate, final show in Pontiac, MI at Dirt Fest.

6b79d228-3b84-451e-a30a-de37a1ace4276 PRONG PAW will perform tracks from their four releases – two EP’s recorded by producer Jason Suecof (Devildriver, Whitechapel) entitled 6 Prong Paw EP and Victim of Mainstream America EP, and two full lengths recorded by audio engineer Wayne Tourville (Metallica, Foo Fighters), entitled Auditive Levitation (2013), and Mapping The Void(2015). You can download Mapping The Void via iTunes.

 Hailing from Hastings, MI, 6 PRONG PAW has been awarded for their music several times, including several Battle of the Bands wins in multiple competitions (including a Top 4 nod in 97.9 WGRD’s western Michigan battle), in addition to bronze awards in Beat100.com competitions for the singles/ videos for “Question?” and “Cold Repetition”. Last year, the band was voted by Recoil Magazine as one of their Top 5 “Bands to Watch”.

6 PRONG PAW online:









Vocals – Nick Williams

Drums – Josh Moore

Bass, backing vocals – Chad Rabideau

Guitar – Seth Earl

Guitar – Dustin Cook

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