The Dirty Heads Get Down And Dirty at St. Augustine

Dirty Heads

Dirty Heads

Dirty Heads is a band from Huntington Beach, California, with a melodic style that includes hip hop and ska punk (up tempo reggae which originated in Jamaica) took to the stage in St. Augustine Florida at The St. Augustine Amphitheater.

It was a hot humid day summer night, but that didn’t hold back the diehard fans. DH has made the amphitheater  like a second home for them, The Dirty Heads play the venue at least once or twice a year, with every time getting bigger and better crowds.This night was no exception!..The fan that were out in the parking lot tailgating came in the venue in droves as the Dirty Heads took the stage.

Dirty J and Buddy B took to the stage the a huge ovation and cheers throughout the venue, as well as the rest of the band followed suit on stage and went on to play one hell of a show.

You can tell why Rolling Stone touted the “Heads as one of the year’s best new bands”. Their sound is brimming with the kind of catchy hooks that keep you plugged in for both their complex tones and cheerful breakdowns.

When the guys rolled into their #3 chart topping song ” My Sweet Summer” the place went nuts. They started out the night with some of their new stuff , and slowly cranked up the crowd to swing into the old tune as well, and the crowd was fine with that.

All and all, The HEAD came out and crushed it as usual !! You have to out and see them on this tour with Sublime W/ Rome.

And do not forget to go get their  fifth self-titled studio album out July 15th on Five Seven Music.

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