VansWarped Tour Artist Interview- Less Than Jake

ltj08Less Than Jake has seen their fair share of bands come and go on The Vans Warped Tour and from what i have heard..they are still loving the tour that they have been doing for over 20 years.

“IT’S AN HONOR TO HAVE BEEN DOING THIS TOUR FOR 20 YEARS. IT’S A GREAT WAY TO CONNECT WITH NEW AND OLD FANS”..said Chris Demakes, about being asked about how it meant to be playing Vans Warped Tour this year. We ask who he was most excited to see this year on the tour, and his response was ..”SO MANY FRIENDS…TO NAME A FEW….NEW FOUND GLORY, THE INTERRUPTERS, YELLOWCARD, REEL BIG FISH, PEPPER, TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, MASKED INTRUDER AND SUM 41.

With LTJ having so many album and tour every year it seems like,we asked Chris what his favorite song to play on stage and his answer was.. “ALL MY BEST FRIENDS ARE METALHEADS” BECAUSE PEOPLE LOSE THEIR MINDS WHEN WE PLAY IT !! and we can attest to them crowd does go insane for the song.

With some many great song being written over the year, it is hard to chose one song that you would like to say you have wrote, Chris picked one of my all time favorite song ” Metallica– Master of Puppets.”

I alway like to ask the band I interview a music industry question,because i think it is really important to get a feel for what the band think of the industry and how they would change it if they could,..Chris gave a great answer to it.. “TOO MANY ENTITLED YOUNG BANDS. A LOT OF THEM ARE REALLY GOOD. AT THE END OF THE DAY, YOU STILL GOTTA PUT IN THE WORK. NOT SURE I COULD FIX THAT PROBLEM THOUGH.” And i would have to agree with him on this one.

Being that LTJ has seen a lot in the past 20 year touring , I wanted to know if there was one band that they would like to tour with if and when they had a farewell  tour, and the answer i got from chris was kinda shocking to me. I don’t know why , but the answer of “Stryper” caught me off guard. BUT then i thought, hell yeah, that would be a good show…HAHA.

“The One I have not written yet”, was one answer i got from Chris about , Name one song that you would like to be known for the most. I thought that was one hell of an answer and kinda know someone was going to answer that one that way..And I have had two bands for for answer it that way so far.

Touring has to take a lot out of ya, the long days and the long nights and being away from love ones, so i ask what is the best and worst thing about touring and Chris said “BEST, BEING ON STAGE, DOING WHAT WE DO. WORST, A MINOR COMPLAINT, BUT THE LONG PERIODS AWAY FROM HOME.” and just as i was being away from home being the hardest/worst.

Why do you think the Vans Warped Tour has been such a success over the many years it has been going on? I think this question is one that everyone would like to know, and all the bands that i ask say just about the same thing, Chris said “BECAUSE IT’S THE BEST TOUR GOING FOR THE MONEY. IT’S A 10 HOUR DAY OF CONSTANT ENTERTAINMENT. WE ARE PROUD TO BE A PART OF IT AS ALWAYS :)”

Thank to Chris DeMakes from Less Than Jake for taking the time to answer a few questions while they are out on the Van Warped Tour in 2016

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