{Interview} I See Stars Devin Oliver talks Warped Tour 2016 & more !

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I See Stars will be hitting the road on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour from 6/24- 8/13.

Clgv2UrWgAAznNAThe band just release their new album “Treehouse” – get it on iTunes and pick up a physical copy in stores now at Best Buy, FYE or your local record shop! iTunes HERE: http://smarturl.it/Treehouse-iTunes. It is getting rave reviews, so go out and GET IT !!..and go check them out on the Warped Tour.

We were lucky enough to get Vocalist Devin Oliver to answer a few questions just before they head out on the tour.


What does it mean to you and the band to be playing Vans Warped Tour this year ?

 Devin Oliver -I find that this question gets a very similar answer from a lot of bands. That’s because big or small warped is a huge opportunity! Not just for music either. There are endless non profit organizations, charity events, and many other ways to get involved in the world and music. To me that’s is what I am really excited to focus on. As well as our new album.

What or Who are you most excited to see on the tour this year ?

Devin Oliver -Every Time I Die is always a good one for me. As for who – I have had a little bromance going on with Luke Holland for a good portion of my career. Him and I always have the most fun when we tour together.

If you had your pick..What would be your favorite song to play on stage?..And Why?

Devin Oliver -I think this summer I am going to find myself enjoying the new stuff! Going by experience I’ve always enjoyed playing Ten Thousand Feet. It starts and ends exactly the way ISS fans want it to

If you would have had the chance to write any song, what song would it be? (It could be any song that has been recorded)

Devin Oliver –

“Youth” by Daughter

“Into The Past” by Nero

“Retrograde” by James Blake

“Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen

Sorry I can’t pick one. I will probably think of 10 after I finish this interview

If you had anything to change in the music industry what would it be,and how would you change it if you have a chance to do it?

Putting a stop to illegally downloading music. I think there is way to much time, heart, and soul put into music for the world to steal it. I was a kid that came from a broke family so i know what it feels like to not be able to afford every album I wanted back then. But when i bought an album it was special. It wasn’t taken for granted like music is today. I am not quite sure how I would change it. I think it starts and ends with taming the internet. Film is starting to feel the heat now too. Something has to change.

Name one group that you would want to do your farewell tour with?

Devin Oliver -Death Cab For Cutie & Porter Robinson

Name one song that you would like to be know for the most?

Devin Oliver -“Yellowking” or “Light In The Cave” off our new album Treehouse

What is the best thing about tour you like..and what is the worst?

Devin Oliver -I love internationally traveling. I think it leaves a lot of room for reflection & inspiration. You get so use to one way of thinking and living – one way. When you step outside the boarders you realize not just how grateful you are – but also how much possibility is out there. How one minded our country has been.

Why do you think the Vans Warped Tour has been such a success over the many years it has been going on?

Devin Oliver -Warped tour has been a huge gateway for new music. I’ve seen artists form Fall Out Boy, Paramore, and Blink 182 grow from it. I’ve also seen Eminem, Katy Perry, & Mike Posner. It’s all over. It’s open minded. Not just the artists but the fans. They work together to create an experience. It’s a beautiful thing.

We would just like to thank Devin for taking the time to answer our questions and go buy their music.

I See Stars



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