[Interview] BROADSIDE gears up for Vans Warped Tour !



Emerging from a city known for Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death, Richmond, Virginia’s BROADSIDE are resurrecting that message with punk rock mastery.


Formed in late 2010, drummer and Musicians Institute alumni Andrew Dunton approached bassist Josh Glupker to join his project, and after a couple guitarist changes and over 50 vocalist auditions, the tight-knit rhythm section found their match in guitarists Niles Gibbs and Dorian Cooke, and solidified their current line-up with vocalist Ollie Baxxter.

Performing live is at the heart of every band’s existence, and after countless miles and self-booked tours, BROADSIDE went on to sell over 1500 copies of their EP and converting new fans worldwide.

They are about to get even more fans as they head out on the World Famous Vans Warped Tour 2016 with many other bands that Victory Records saw something in. Which is a huge deal for many bands that are trying to make it to the big leagues….AND The Vans Warped Tours is just one stepping stone closer to seeing if they have what it take.

Ignite had the great honor of asking BROADSIDE a few questions before they head out to the crazy, but fun Warped Tour, and Ollie was kind enough to take the time to answer our questions….Thanks Ollie !

What does it mean to you and the band to be playing Vans Warped Tour this year ?

 Everything! It’s the next step in our brand as a band and mass exposure to a demographic of people hungry for new music. Not to mention we had all dreamed of this since being children.

What or Who are you most excited to see on the tour this year ?

Collectively, NFG, Cruel Hand, ETID, Issues, Sum 41, Too Close To Touch just to name a few:.. This year is stacked

If you had your pick..What would be your favorite song to play on stage?..And Why?

I would say Simple Type because I wrote it about my brother and it’s really just a driving song that starts off just rippin. If not that then definitely Playing In Traffic because it’s the heaviest song we have and that just translates live better.

  1. If you would have had the chance to write any song, what song would it be? (It could be any song that has been recorded)

I wish I had written “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King because it’s powerful, it’s romantic and it’s raw.

  1. If you had anything to change in the music industry what would it be,and how would you change it if you have a chance to do it?

I would probably change the percentage on streams. Streaming music is more popular than purchasing a record these days and smaller artists are feeling the loss.

Name one group that you would want to do your farewell tour with?

 Conditions a band that taught me everything I know from Richmond, VA

Name one song that you would like to be know for the most?

I don’t believe I have written that song yet, but I will.

What is the best thing about tour you like..and what is the worst?

 The best : making all my friends laugh and the brotherhood.

The Worst: waiting.. On drives.. On promoters.. On the bathroom.

Why do you think the Vans Warped Tour has been such a success over the many years it has been going on?

Because Kevin Lyman is Punk. He respects bands and has MADE bands by giving us a chance. It has stayed true to its  original plan.. Despite all the little hiccups and scandals from assholes taking advantage of the tour. There is and will never be anything like it for alternative music.

Once again..Thanks Ollie for answering our questions, and Hope you guys kill it all summer on The Vans Warped Tour. Make sure you guys go check BROADSIDE  out before they hit it big, and the Best way to do it is this summer !! …


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