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By: Dan James – Zany, hilarious, weird… All great words to describe “Weird” Al Yankovic, but I have another one… Amazing! St. Augustine Amphitheatre hosted Weird Al this past weekend for a night of parodies, comedy, and costumes changes. Not only was Weird Al amazing but the crowd was as well, as they shuffled into the venue in a sea of hawaiian shirts, red berets, and tinfoil hats, I could tell I was in for a fun time.

Weird Al started the show by appearing on a big screen on stage, showing him singing backstage while making his way to the stage, which was directly down the middle aisle through the crowd. The show started off with a bang, and he played a few originals right off rip. As the show went on, more and more of those classic parodies started coming out. “Fat” was one of them I enjoyed the most, he even had the suit with face prosthesis on. He changed costumes for almost every song, which was impressive since the band also did as well. In addition to that he played “Canadian Idiot”, the Star Wars parodies, Word Crimes, Party in the CIA as well as others.

At the end of the show he told everyone thank you, and exited stage left. The crowd started chanting and he returned with an amazing encore. The crowd went nuts which was really cool to see since I wasn’t expecting such loud and lively patrons. Overall he put on an amazingly “weird” show and I couldn’t have been happier seeing him for my first time at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre.

Photos by Dan James and Laurie Bedell Creamer

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