X AMBASSADORS brought their energy, movement and music to the stage at House of Blues Orlando Wednesday night.  It was an amazing packed performance.  I’ve been listening to their music for a while, but never had the opportunity to see them live and was curious to see if they lived up to their sound.  Did they ever!

Their songs all speak to life journeys that we all relate to but even more, their performance brings the songs to life.  Vocalist Sam Harris puts his entire body into his singing, not just his voice – his facial expressions, his hands, his dance moves all help tell the story.  Brother Casey Harris is just as expressive and plays an amazing keyboard, Noah Feldshuh’s guitar riffs are magical, and drummer Adam Levin keeps the hip hop/hard rock rhythm pounding.

Their classic hits such as Unsteady, Naked, Gorgeous, Renegades were all immediate hits with the audience and X Ambassadors obviously enjoyed having the fans singing along.  I will definitely see this band again and follow you into the Jungle.

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