Brother Wolf and Mothersound @ Burro Bar

Brother Wolf ( a 4-piece band from Shreveport, LA) and Mothersound ( a four-piece hardcore/post-hardcore band from Los Angeles, California. Formed by members of all different musical backgrounds)sent us on a mind melting journey with their hardcore/metalcore sounds at the Burro Bar in Jacksonville Fl.this past sunday.

Both bands killed it on the tiny stage at the burro, the fans really got into the music and the energy of the bands.BW and mothersound have a great hardcore sound  that gets your blood pumping and your head banging.You can really tell that they but their hearts and souls into their music.

If you get a chance see these guys out on the “Live or Die Alone” tour. check them out.1933571_965177120186061_4886424546959704901_o


Photos by Matt Searles

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