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GEARS - Bobby Thomas, Trip 6, Jimmy Wooten, & Chris Dorame

Miami, Florida based Hard Rock band GEARS are making waves in south Florida. but not the waves you hit with a surfboard. These waves are hard hitting riff and crushing drums, and mind melting lyrics, and some thundering bass , the band members making these musical waves are Trip 6-Vocals, Jimmy Wooten-Drums, Chris Dorame-Bass,Ethan Vega-Guitars. 

The had some ups and down through the life of the groups with a few of the founding members having to leave and picking up some new ones. Just three days into the tour, their equipment trailer disconnected, resulting in a massive, horrific accident; not only did they lose their gear, but the tour van was totaled and the band members sustained serious injury. In spite of this tremendous blow, the group endured and continued the tour without missing a beat.

But Despite being confronted with a near disastrous setback at the cusp of their debut, headlining tour, jarring line-up changes, and financial challenges, the band has persevered and rebuilt.

The band just release a lyric video to

Face Down is a song about how people tend to portray themselves a certain way in social media, when often they’re quite the opposite. It’s about that moment when someone breaks down, takes to social media for a rant, but when the smoke clears and cooler heads prevail, try to erase the evidence and return to that fake portrayal. We all know people like this.Jimmy Wooten (Drums)


We had a chance to send some questions over to the guys and Trip 6 was kind enough to take some time out of his schedule to answer those questions for us.

Interview with Trip 6

Hello Trip.

First off, I just wanted to thank you taking the time to answer our questions.

Our pleasure, thanks for having us. –Trip 6

Ignite- How did all band mate meet and what made you join forces to start GEARS from that start?

Gears started by a group of guys that wasn’t  happy with the direction of their former bands. We got together without knowing each other at all decided and to make music that makes us happy away from producers,labels etc..

After several phone conversation Jimmy Wooten and Tom Herres flew down to Miami to meet up with Eli and I.

We rented a house and we started throwing ideas around, three weeks later we wrote our first EP ‘Set in Motion” recorded and produced by Corey Lowery, two week after the record was done we headlined our first tour and the rest is history.

Ignite- Where does the bad name come from?..any meaning behind it?

GEARS for us is a strong name and that to me is what the band is a strong heavy hitting band. The meaning of GEARS for us…. is what makes a machine function, every GEAR needs to function to their highest capacity if one GEAR goes weak the machine as a whole will not function effectively. We strive for perfection but yet crave for feel!

Ignite- From what i have read about your band , you have been though a lot of ups and downs in the last few years, Do you think you guys are on the upward swing as a band?

Oh yeah most definitely they say once you’ve reached bottom the only way to go is up!

Ignite-  Your sound is on point with the likes of sevendust and Deftone.., where they an influence in your sound? and if not What are some of your music influences?

For me no…We love both bands, both bands are fucking amazing and we are honored to be compared to their styles. My influences are Prince, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury,Thom Yorke, Layne Staley, James Brown, Michael Jackson and Chris Cornell to name a few…lol. –Trip 6

Ignite- Your NEW EP “Pride Comes Before The Fall” Is out now.,..How is everyone taking to it.?

98% success rate so far..i mean you get those types of people that are just fucking haters and have nothing to do just to hate and you get some people that give good constructive criticism. Overall I say its been a great success. –Trip 6


Ignite- Can you tell us of any plans of a full length album in the future for you guys?

Hmm… maybe in a couple of years. Or maybe not…it all depends on where we at in our career. But I would love to do a full length album that’s for sure. –Trip 6

Ignite- So what are the plans for tour for the new Ep?

We are planiing as we speak a spring/summer tour with our agent  Evan Michaels from  M7 Agency. Details of tours and upcoming dates can be found on our website www.gearsofficial.com.


Ignite- What IGNITES your passion to play in this band and go out on the road and do what you do…and do you see yourself ever doing anything else?

Great question…what IGNITTES me is our FAMZ, hearing and seeing them enjoy our music that’s a feeling and a high that I crave and yurn for. Being on the road is tough however when you do it with a great group of guys like we have in this band from our merch guy “Slimer” to our tour manager “Groot” and everyone in between its a lot of fun!  One advise I’ve taken to heart  “Always make and do music with people you get along with”. As for doing anything else…FUCK NO!!!!!! lol –Trip 6

Ignite- Let us know of anything you would like add or say to your fans?

Please visit our website www.gearsofficial.com for all our links to our music,videos merch and social media needs.

We look forward in rocking with you ALL very soon in a city near you!  -Trip 6

One again, thanks for take the time for these questions…and we hope to work with you guys in the future, and if your ever in the Jacksonville florida area let us know.

Thank you IGNITE for having us we appreciate the love and support you’ve shown us. We’ll make sure to contact you when we’re in Jacksonville Florida.  –Trip 6

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