[Album Review] Greaver- will release their debut full-length “The Faun” on April 29th via Cardigan Records

11If you are into Pianos Become The Teeth, As Cities Burn, Architects, Envy, you are going to love Greaver. Screaming up the music scene from Durham, NC, with their rhythmic and melodic post-hardcore sound. The quintet is set to  release their debut full-length The Faun on April 29th via Cardigan Records.

The beginning of the album is a nice intro/ instrumental is a mellow spooky into that make you feel like you are about to take your last breath, it has some killer guitar and drum work that set up at girl speaking on the background that makes it even more spooky.

The rest of the album  hit you right upside the head with screaming vocals and melodic guitar riffs throughout..The songs really hit hard vocally then midway through hits the sweet spot with some great harmonious lyrics before heading back to the haunting screams with song like ” A Poison Well” and “November Skin“and “South Field

Third Eye” they slow it down just a bit with a nice harmonic guitar and drum flow with more talking lyric in hidden behind the floating music. Then…Back to heavy hitting in your face shit from Earth Rune all the way to “Grief Seeds“.

The album has some good up in your skull hit you with a ton of brick belting, as well as some nice and slow up in the clouds floating into infinite space music and sounds along with a few funky groovy thing here and there like “First Touch” then ” Hang up” is the ender that bring you back to reality.

All and all, a good listen to if you want a rollercoaster ride of killer tunes ! So go check out Greaver new album when it come out on april 29th 2016.


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