[Concert Review & Photo Gallery] Joe Satriani Performance at The Florida Theater

DCS_9945Joe Satriani is best known for being a guitar virtuoso and a guitar legend among other guitar related master words. And this master of the guitar come through Jacksonville Florida to put on a clinic on how to play a guitar like the best in the world do at The iconic and beautiful Florida Theater.

The Theater was pack with Satriani fans of all walks of life. Young kids that you wouldn’t  think would even know who Satriani was, to old school Satriani fan wearing old Satriani tour shirts from way back. It was definitely a treat to see the diversity of people in attendance at a show like Satriani. It just goes to show you that his playing and music skills bring them all in.

From the beginning of the show with the curtain covering the stage and people milling around finding their sets. You could feel the buzz in the air and you know something special was about to happen on stage. As soon as the lights started to dim and the video started to play on the large white curtain, the fans started to get amped and cheered waiting for the screen to drop and the mind melting guitar playing to begin.

The curtain dropped and the crowd goes wild, and Joe hit the first note on this guitar and it was a start of a masterful journey of  mind altering riff and whammy bars being stretched to it limits, the clinic began and the jaws of many dropped to the floor in amazement.

Joe started the journey though his collection of  23 instrumental songs and 1 with him singing ” Big Bad Moon” like Picasso painting a masterpiece. The flow from one song to the next was effortless doing two sets with a small break in the middle to allow “him and the band to go get a few drinks and the audience to do the same”.

The most notable tune of the night were most definitely the Surfing with Aliens which was the closing song of the night along with ” Satch Boogie ” and  ” If I could fly “. The crowd seemed take not of these and well as many more throughout the two and a half hours show.

All and all the whole show was a masterpiece. Joe even steps back on a song or two got give his fellow band mate to show of some of his guitar skills as well, with a drum solo to start off the second set of the show was amazing. All the other band mates hat supported Joe did an amazing job, and i am sure Joe would say that he could do it all without them.


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